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What should you do if you dropped some coins into the heating vents and now the heat will not turn off and the AC will not come on?

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Where should floor vents heating to be place?

in the floor.

Should heating vents be placed near the floor or near the ceiling of the room?

Heating vents should be placed near or on the floor in a room because heat travels up not down.

In order to heat a room should heating vents be placed near the floor or near the ceiling of the room?

Heating vents should be located near the floor since hot air rises. If the heating vents are located near the ceiling the heat would stay there and not warm the room.

Should heating vents be placed in the floor or ceiling?

on the floor on the floor

Why should heating vents be placed on the floor?

Heating vents should be placed on or near the floor because heat rises. In rising, it will warm the air of the room. If the heating vent were near the ceiling, the room would stay chilly, even though heat was being poured into it.

What temperature should air be coming out of vents for heating?

Whatever it is set to on your heater's control keypad.

Why should heating vents placed near the floor in homes and offices?

because warm air rises.

Can fruit flies get into heating vents?

Oh yes.

Is heating vents placed on the floor at home convection?


Which way should ceiling fans turn when used with ceiling vents?

A ceiling fan should blow downwards when used with cooling, upward when used with heating.

Where in a room should vents be placed for central air conditioning?

In my opinion where the supply vents are located is not as important as where the return air vents are located. the supply vents should be located towards the outer walls if possible. the return air vents should be located towards the center of the dwelling if possible. every effort should be made to get the return air vents as high as possible on the wall , if not in the ceiling.Remember you are trying to get the warm air back to the a-coil so it can be pumped outside through the refrigeration lines to the condensing unit. if the ductwork is used for heating also you should put some return air vents down low to get the cool air to the furnace. This is my personal opinion and may not be everyones.

What sentence is useful in vents?

Vents should be cross ventilated in homes. This is an example sentence for vents.

The types of energy involved in ground source heating?

geothermal: volcanoes hot spots, vents.

Are there actuators used in the heating dynamics of your car?

Not really! The actuator is there to control the airflow through the vents.

what mode of heat transfer explains why heating vents are best placed near the floor?


You have your air and heating vents blowing from ceiling which way should your ceiling fan blow?

Having the ceiling fan blow upwards will circulate the heat through the entire room.

How come you can smell fuel coming in heating vents in a 1996 Chevy cavalier?

There is probably a fuel leak somewhere. You should have a professional check it out ASAP. There is a possibility of a fire if left alone.

Why should heating vents be placed in the floor?

This is due tobuoyancy. Think about a hot air balloon as an example. Warm air has greater buoyancy than cooler air and will rise. Conversely, cold air will sink when introduced to a warmer atmosphere and this is why you see cooling vents placed in the ceiling.

Where is a thermometer normally placed in a house?

A thermostat for heating or a thermometer for air temperature is typically placed on an inside wall (not outside wall), and away from heating vents or direct sunlight.

Where are warm-air vents usually located in a forced-air heating system?

Near The Floor

Kia Sedona HTR RR switch do?

The HTR RR switch in a Kia Sedona determines which air vents the air is blown through from the rear heating. When it is pushed in, the lower vents blow hot air, and when it is not pushed, the roof vents blow cold air.

Should ceiling vents be directed towards the window or the room?

Thanks for answering the question Should ceiling vents be directed towards the window or the room? NOT

How do you install a number 67 automatic hot water air vent?

Auto vents should be placed on the highest part of a heating system. If you are trying to get rid of air out of your heating system, the BEST product on the market right now is called a spiro-vent. If you don't have one near your boiler, you are NOT getting the performance that you should. This is a must have on any boiler!

Where should you locate the AC vents in a room for maximum cooling and efficiency?

Vents should be situated near windows. Windows that are north or west facing should get a vent before a south or east facing window would get one. (Assuming that the vents also supply heat.)

In order to heat a room evenly should heating vents be palced near the floor or near the cieling of the room?

Heat rises. So, in areas with long winters, the vents typically are in the floor. But it depends on the construction of the house, where the heating unit is installed and what type it is, etc. So, no easy answer. Ceiling fans are helpful in keeping air circulating, moving warmer air from the top of the room downward which helps even out the temps from floor to ceiling.