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Love just doesn't stay in the classroom. Take it outside of the classroom! If you like this guy get to know him slowly and smile at him first. Then go right up to him and talk. A little later if he hasn't asked you out on a date then you ask him! Don't go through life hiding behind "what ifs."

2006-08-08 21:24:41
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How do you look attractive in middle school?

their really isn't any specific way too be attractive.

How do you make a school project attractive?

a school project is found attractive if it stimulates students interest and engages studends mind and hands

What is the relationship between the school and the community?

im a really weird

How do you get popular at school?

be attractive, funny, athletic, and not shy.

Why does the author of this letter state that there are emty flowerbeds at the school?

To state an opinion that the school is not attractive

What is the movie sleepover about?

Its about a scavenger hunt between three popular girls and 4 geeky girls. They have to do things like get the prom crown and dress a window mannequin, but they come across lots of obsticles. This decides there status in high school. Its a really really funny movie for girls probably between about 10 - 14 or so.

What is the major similarity between elementary school and middle school?

theres really not a major difference. kids get older but the actual school part just progresses into harder subjects. its really not that bad.

What is the difference between school in Spain and in the UK?

a lot i can not really say by h.s

Where is Moore square mueseums middle school?

Moore square middle school is in Raleigh nc its right in the middle of downtown Raleigh across from marbles mueseum i know because i go to that school it really nice the princebal is awesome. the kids are alright there really crazy. and there kinda ghetto

What is the school called across from crookston castle?

The School Across From Crookston Castle Is Crookston Castle Primary !x

How do you know if a boy in your class loves you?

I'm not really sure. It depends how old that guy is. If he is in between elementry school and middle school probably not because he isn't really mature enough yet. But if he is in high school, you have a chance.

Taylor Swift what school did you go to?

She went to South Doyle High School! She was a str8 A student and was very attractive

Can you suggest me an attractive name for physics exhibition in my school?

Amazing physics demonstration for you.

What is it like for a normal attractive girl at tech who likes to party?

School of mines?

What does it mean when you come to school dressing nice and a group of popular guys look at you?

It doesn't have to have some secret code in the meaning of them looking at you. It could simply mean that you look really attractive and you had caught their eye.

Major differences between French and Australian secondary schools?

they have really weird times and they used to have school on saturdays. now they have no school on saturdays or wednesdays

What is the difference between a school dinner and a pile of poo?

nothing really poo taste better belive me

Is it bad not to laugh in High School?

Yes, laughing could be a very attractive thing.

Where should I donate this classroom furniture.?

Just donate it to the school. If you could not really decide which to donate it, then sell the furniture then divide the profit between the shelter and the school.

Is going to school a good thing?

Statistics show a correlation between education levels and: higher earnings, better health, higher social status, and higher levels of influence and power. If any of these seem attractive to you, then school is a good thing and the more, the better.

What is an instrument for talking between to distant points?

a phone.... telegram a letter if you want to go really old school

Do men find businesswomen attractive?

yes. theres the whole secretary/school teacher fantasy

What are the deffirences and similarities between church and school?

differences between the chruch and school?

What is the difference between soldering done at high school and soldering done at an industry?

really no difference except for the quantity of soldering.

What is the connection between language and perception?

i really don't freakin knowdo you know it for schooland finally ask someone else