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Other than love and support, giving too many material things such as toys (even for young adults) and money is not always a good idea. Odd how humans rush to the people that don't give them as much or are stricter (the person has to earn their respect) and takes advantage of those that give out of the goodness of their hearts. This seems to be the case with you. Start giving more of your time, telling him/her stories about your life, etc., and less money giving and try your best not to spoil your grandchild. Evenings home with popcorn and a good child's movie sitting in front of a nice fireplace and Hot Chocolate means more to most kids than all the other fancy things one can bestow upon kids. If your grandchild is older then realize that teens need space, can be master manipulators to get what they want (they can do it to their own parents) and just be there with love ... no money! Without knowing it some grandparents from each family are in competition with each other to vie for the child's approval and love. It's normal to a degree. What is important here are wise words, lots of love and showing/teaching things to children of interest. Your grandchild won't always be like this. Kids change everytime you turn around. Give it a try. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do if you have always been there for your grandchild physically and financially and emotionally but the other grandmother has not but he treats her nice and is indifferent to you?
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