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If you've been with him a week and he already has a girlfriend, you are involved with a guy who is cheating. Is that really the kind of guy you want?

Consider this, if he continues seeing you and dumps his current girlfriend, do you think you'll ever be able to truly trust him? Or do you think you'll be suspicious or jealous knowing that he has been unfaithful in the past?

Think with your head and not your hormones.

AnswerHe's a player who's using you and his girlfriend. He may like you, but that doesn't mean he would be any more faithful you than he is to his current girlfriend. AnswerOk girls this is the very same predicament that I am in as I type. Mine is just a little tweaked..I met this guy over at a friends house and we talked for hours and we really hit it off so we shared a bed that night, no intercourse took place believe me. So I found myself thinking about this guy so when I got a phone call from him a few days later I was overwhelmed with happiness! but unfortunately he was calling to tell me that he has got a girlfriend and cannot see me and her at the same time. I was crushed. The thing that has been helping me is advice, well what my brother tells his wife.."if I ever got the feeling or the notion to cheat on you or ever feel like I needed to be with another person then we would get a divorce because obviously we are not working out and should not be together anymore." I have to believe his eyes and if he really likes me like he said he does then he'll leave his girlfriend because they are not working out. Say I'm in denial but you didn't see his eyes and it helps and I have plans to see him son so we can talk about it. Its not much of an answer but a way to help people who aren't willing to believe that they met that one special person that they belong with and just can't have.


if you knew from the beginning, it is likely you have a self confidence issue or need a little excitement in your life.

the truth is you know those things can and usually do end badly

and you know his attention is elsewhere and not only you

you have to have some confidence and self respect and decide that the excitement and little boost is probably not worth all the heartache, self doubt and trust issues you will probably get from it

unless you are truly able to be utterly fine with him being with someone else, this is not going to work

you should deal with whatever issues you have that would make you seek out this type of relationship, because there are plenty nice, good looking guys without girlfriends, and you take the one that has one.

its quite a self destructive ting to do to yourself and you need to work out why you are doing it.

If he REALLY liked you he would break up with his girlfriend and date you.

what he likes is that its great to feel wanted and fancied, and its great to have a 'bit on the side' that will be there and do for you what you cant get with your partner.

hes using you and he probably will use other girls and probably has done before.

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Q: What should you do if you have been with a guy for a week and he has a girlfriend but you really like him and you think he really likes you?
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