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Depending on WHAT is causing the distance,your age and the nature of your relationship, you need to address it first with the boyfriend and then either need to split up or seek counseling. Relationships take work all the time. The best thing to do is talk to your boyfriend by telling him you feel the relationship is at a stand still and getting stale. See if he is as interested in improving it as much as you are. Go armed with suggestions of what you think can be doen. If he is not keen to the idea or open to suggestions maybe you need to rethink the relationship.

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What should you do if you were told your ex boyfriend got married about two months ago and you still love him?

Nothing - he has moved on and you must too.

What should you get your boyfriend for graduation?

buy him nothing

Should you leave your boyfriend if you have been together 13 years and you want to get married but your boyfriend doesn't believe in marriage?

no because if you realy love him you will waita bit longer mabey try agin in a couple of months.

What should you wear for your boyfriend?

nothing he'll love that ;)

What should you do when your boyfriend is shorter thn you?

nothing you can do, wear flats

What should you give your boyfriend?

nothing he should get u something unless its his birthday then get him a treat

When should I introduce my boyfriend to my parents?

Within 3 months or whenever you both feel you should.

Should you kiss your boyfriend if you've been dating him for 16 months?

yes I say that you should.

When should bulls be turned in with the cows?

A couple months after the cows have calved.

Should a girl at eleven have a boyfriend?

I am 11 and I have a boyfriend, theres nothing wrong with it. We kiss hug just like older children, theres nothing wrong with it

What should i talk about with my boyfriend on facebook?

Nothing, the best conversations are in person

How long should you wait before moving in with your boyfriend?

Round about 6 Months

How long should it take you to train your puppy to roll over?

A couple of months.

My boyfriend has a passion mark on his neck from another woman what should you do?

Nothing it is not my business

My friend boyfriend name is alex in he likes me in he told me that him in my friend dont go out nomore what should i do?

you should give them a while to forget about each other then a couple of months or weeks later make a move! give him the hint to ask you out. hope that works! :)

Should you tell a girl you like her if she has a boyfriend?

No, as soon as the couple breaks up make your move.

After a fight with a boyfriend of 18 months how long should you wait before you call him?

you should call him in two days

What happens when a girl is really atracted to her boyfriend?

A girl should be attracted to her boyfriend. Nothing 'happens' except that they love each other.

What does it mean if he answers you are not a couple?

It sounds like he means that he does not want to be an exclusive boyfriend/girfriend couple. As in, maybe we should just be friends, or maybe we should still see other people.

What do you do when your boyfriend's sister has this boyfriend who is always disrespecting you?

Tell the sister that her boyfriend is disrespecting you. She should settle it. Tell the boyfriend that you do not appreciate him disrespecting you. Other than that, there is really nothing you can do.

Should your boyfriend buy birthday gift if you have been apart for 7 months?

No, Not if he has another girl

Should you invite your boyfriend round your house after being together for 3 and a half months?


How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you we talk about it but after you both agree to it nothing happens?

If you really want your boyfriend to kiss you then you shouldent wait for him to kiss you. You should kiss him!

If you have a Boyfriend and his ex girlfriend be all on him and he don't do nothing about the situation what should you do about him and her?

ask your boyfriend to tell her to back off while he's going out with you and confront her your self with your boyfriend and talk about it.

Your girlfriend broke up with you a couple of months ago but has another boyfriend and she says she is still coming back what should you do?

Ignore what she says. She just wants you to wait for her. She wants to be able to come back to you, if she breaks up with her boyfriend. IF she was coming back, she would just come back and not talk about coming back.