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Only a may try turning off the power, or gas, to the heater and attaching a hose to the tap at the bottom, opening the tap and allowing the tank to "flush out". It's possible you have heavy build-up of sediment and it is being stirred up by the incoming cold water when you use your hot water. Other than the flushing the only other way to clear the tank, if sediment is the culprit, is to turn off the power/gas, drain the tank, and remove the lower element and "scooping" out the sediment with whatever you can fabricate for a small shovel...or use a small vaccum attachment on a shop vac...If all else fails...put a filter in the line.

2006-11-30 03:43:46
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Why is Printing Ink Cartridge saying empty if I just changed it?

If you change the ink cartridge without letting the printer driver reset, it will think you are still using the old ink cartridge. Install the cartridge again using the "install new cartridge option". If you follow these directions you should not have a problem.

How do you change the ink in a canon printer?

open the front, it should slide down and take out the cartridge and replace it with an new one, it should say the type of cartridge on the cartridge.Well it is the procedure how to change ink cartridge.Now for change of Ink:Buy ink cartridge kit, read instructions print on it. Open the hole of cartridge and insert ink into the cartridges. At this must take about the quantity of canon ink, it should be not more than a specific level, which is different for different color. Now close the hole of canon ink cartridges and again fit it to its original place.

If you unscrew a Co2 cartridge from a BB gun can you use it again?

It all depends on the C02 cartridge. If it's a small 12 oz cylinder, then the answer is NO.

How long does a 2 gram air cartridge last in a Crosman 1107 pellet gun?

Please ask your question again. No one makes a 2 gram air cartridge. I think you are asking about a 12 gram C02 cartridge. CROSMAN never made a model 1107. Check your pistol again

If you told exboyfriend how you feel should you try again after time has gone by and you know he is still single?

* It depends on why you both split up. If there are characteristics you don't like about him then he may not change, but, you could meet him again to see if he has changed (or you have changed.) As long as he's still single then it's up to you as to whether you should try to see him again.

How do you remove an ink cartridge?

That totally depends on the printer. For most of them, you can lift the cover, and the carriage slides to a "park" position, then again for most of them, you press down gently on the front edge of the cartridge. You should be able to do an internet search on your printer model for more detailed instructions.

Is she using me?

Yes she is now but as to why the relationship changed only she can tell you and you should ask before you help her with anything else again.

How do you spell overflow?

You spelled it correctly, but in case you need it again: Overflow In a sentence: I overflowed my bathtub. Hope this helps! :)

How does one change the toner cartridge in a HP Laser Jet C9704A?

You can change the toner cartridge in a HP Laser Jet C9704A by opening up the printer and removing the old cartridge. Then snap the new one into place and close the printer back up again.

If a boy cheats on you and said he changed what should you do?

dont believe him. odds are, he'll do it again. im sure yu will do better without him ;)

When a women has just changed and has to urinate right after that should she change her tampon again?

No, not neccessary. The tampon should be inside, beyond the urethra and not be affected, only the string and that should be OK for the next few hours.

What is a rule about hygiene for an apron?

Should never be worn leaving the kitchen and should be changed whenever it is soiled, especially if working with raw meats, etc. Should not be used again or hung up to dry.

How do you Clean cartrige pool filters with hydrochloric acid?

Cartridge filters can over time become les effective because the material they are made of becomes clogged with calcium. A method that worked well for me in the past before I changed to a sand filter was to soak the whole cartridge in a fairly strong solution of acid. This eats out the calcium and gets the cartridge working properly again. I may be wise however to check that the material of the filter can withstand the corrosive effect of the acid. Cleaners that do this are also available ready made at pool shops.

What are steps to replace an old laser printer toner cartridge?

There are no steps. You just open the printer, pull out the empty toner cartridge, replace it with a new toner cartridge, and then close the printer once again. It's a very simple process, typically no harder than replacing an ink cartridge for an inkjet printer. The only difference is that toner cartridges tend to be larger and provide more pages of print per cartridge than their inkjet cousins.

What is an Epson ink cartridge chip resetter?

The chip resetter resets the ink cartridge chip to a full condition. The printer reads this information and begins the timer for each individual cartridge during installation. The printer will also set the chip on the cartridge to used which makes it impossible to just refill it and use it again. The chip resetter allows you to refill and use until empty the epson cartridges.

What did Madagascar used to be called?

The name changed to Malagasy and then changed back again.See the Related Link

How has Jesus changed science?

Jesus has changed science as he has become the only man to die and then arise again.

How do you unclog a bathtub faucet?

Get down into it with long thin tweezers and pick all that yukky hair out. Buy a hairscreen and it won't happen again.

Which is bigger a 5.56 or a 308?

.308 is identical in diameter to the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge (although the two are not exactly the same). .223 is identical in diameter to the 5.56x45 NATO (and M193) cartridge (though, again, they are not exactly the same). The .308 is larger.

When should the timing belt be changed on a 2002 Chrysler sebring 6 cylinder?

The manual says to have it replaced between 60K and 66K and again at 120K to 130K

Why Dell printer 922 AIO says cover open - right cartridge incorrect and prints a blank sheet?

Not sure why exactly. But to continue printing, remove the color cartridge and print black or order a new color cartridge. It has also been suggested that putting an old cartridge in may reset the printer and then when you put the original one back it prints again. I haven't tried that but it seems plausible.

How do you insert the ink cartridge for cannon all in one printer?

Protect your desk, printer stand or work surface by placing an old newspaper in front of or next to the printer. The newspaper will provide you with a place to work without getting ink anywhere you don't want it. It seems as though no matter how careful or neat you are, a little bit of ink always manages to escape when replacing an ink cartridge. Prepare the new ink cartridge for installation. Remove the replacement cartridge for your Canon printer from all of its packaging. You may need scissors to remove the heavy wrapper. Leave the protective orange cap or tape in place for now. Set the new cartridge aside on the newspaper. Remove the old ink cartridge from the Canon printer. With the printer on, open the front door or panel of the printer. Wait a second or two and the ink cartridge holder should move to the opening where it is accessible. If it does not move, shut the door, turn the printer off for a moment, turn it back on and try again. Lift the small lever that secures the ink cartridges within their holder. On most Canon printers, it is colored green and located on the right side of the ink cartridge holder. Gently lift the old ink cartridge out of the printer. Place the new ink cartridge in the printer. Remove the plastic cap or tape protecting the ink cartridge, being careful not to touch the black and gold "sensor" area of the cartridge. Gently but firmly push the new cartridge into the empty slot left where you removed the old ink cartridge. The label should be facing outward. You should feel the cartridge pop into place. Then push the lever back down that you lifted in Step 3. Close the printer door. Use paper towel or wet wipes to clean any ink from your hands.

Can Rotom change forms again after it has alredy has changed?


What professional football player had his name legally changed to Ochocinco?

Chad Johnson. He legally changed it back again.

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It is impossible to destroy a persons characther int he first place. it is only how others perceive a person that can be changed and that can be changed again and again