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Do a pregnancy test. If you missed pill or took too many this can also delay your period.

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Q: What should you do if you just finished your birth control pill pack and havent had a period?
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Im on birth control just finished your first set of pills on Sunday and still havent had your period is this normal when should you get it?

Certain birth control pills do make your period lighter or stop completely while you are taking them. If it concerns you too much call your gyno, but I believe this is normal for some.

What should you do if you just finished your birth control pill pack and haven't had a period?

take a pregnany test.

If you havent started your period in the past 2 months and on birth control should you change your pill?

i'd advise you to go see your local GP or doctor

What should you do if you got your period on the 22nd and you got your birth control shot on the 26th but you still haven't stopped your period?

i was on my period when i got my shot and it lasted for over 14 days. After it ended i havent had another period for over a year now.

Can a girl get pregnant right after her period is finished?

Yes, a woman can get pregnant directly after her period. Unless you want to get pregnant you should always use birth control.

Should you take the birth control pill if you havent got your period within the 7 day break?

You should take the birth control pill as directed regardless of bleeding. Take a pregnancy test if you missed pills in the previous cycle.

What should you do if you still havent got your period for almost 5 months from now?

See a doctor.

When should you start birth control for a weekday period?

Sunday after your period

If you stopped birth control pills last month and havent gotten your period yet when should you take a home pregnancy test?

ASAP. Especially if you've already missed a period. Many of the newer meters can detect pregnancy before the first missed period. (or so they say)

Can birth control deregulate your period?

It should make your period more regular.

Havent had a period for 2 months but not pregnant should you keep taking pill?

If you want to avoid pregnancy, you should keep taking the pill.

What control zone should a responder limit his shortest entry period?

The control zone that a responder should limit his shortest entry period to is the collapse zone.

My boyfriend ejaculated inside me and then that same day i started my birth control and havent had my period yet is there any possibility im pregnant?

sorry to say, but there is. you should have started taking it a week ahead of time. i'd get tested.

If you were 14 and you have not started your period should you be worry?

nope, i have but i know theres people in my year who havent, im nearly 14

Should I use a panty liner for discharge even if I havent had my period yet?

Yes because it keeps the discharge out of your underwear

Can you take birth control during your period?

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

Do you get your period every month if you are on birth control?

Yes you should

You have irregular but you havent had it in months then get some spotting yet a pregnancy test was negative should you take another test if you still have not had your period but you show pregnancy si?

It may be your birth control if you are taking any they cause irregular periods.

Your period is irregular what does this mean?

This could be a lot of things, if you havent long had your first ever period then this is normal, it could also be a sign of a period, low iron etc, if you are worried you should see a doctor

Why a girl at 18 years old never had a period?

People say that if u havent had a period by the age of 18 then you should go to the doctor, people start at all different times

Should you carry on taking the pill even if you havent had a period in the 7 days off?

You need to go see the doctor. You could be pregnant.

If you missed a birth control pill and got your period should you finish the rest of your pack?

No, you should start on your new pact at the end of your period

How soon after coming off the contraceptive injection should you expect your period?

I've been on depo shot for about 9yrs and recently went off and havent had a period yet and was wondering if I can get pregnant without having a period first?

You already had your period at the beginning of the month and went to the doctor and got the depo shot and now you should started your next period and havent yet what should you do?

It is kind of a up in the air when it comes to the most infamous Depo.. Some people still have their period others wont.

Do you get a period after being on birth control for only one month?

You should still get a period while taking birth control pills. Your period usually occurs during the placebo week of pills. If the birth control was not taken properly, then there may be a chance of pregnancy, which delays your period. If you have not gotten your period during the placebo week, your should take a pregnancy test.