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This isn't about her friends, but between you and this girl. It's up to her to decide if she cares enough for you to date you. My question is, why are her friends disliking the fact you like her? Marcy Follow your heart. If your friends are really friends, they'll stand by you, even if they think you're making a mistake. Is it your friends who don't like the girl you like? OR Is it her friends who don't like you? If it's your friends who don't like her then you shouldn't care about what they think if she is someone really special.Listen to what your heart and feelings tell you to do! Tell your friends that if they care about you, they should want you to be happy and she is making you happy (I am sure you'll find a better way to commute this to them).If they are your true friends, they will understand and accept the situation. If it's her friends who don't like you, then there is nothing you can do about it. That would be up to her.

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Q: What should you do if you like a girl but her friends hate you for liking her?
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How do you tell a girl you like her if her friends hate you?

IF the girl likes you back she will not care what her friends think. Her friends may hate you but your not telling her friends you like them your telling HER. Her friends will eventually get used to it.

You have crush on a girl but her friends hate you and you can't go near her to tell her that you got a crush on her what should you do?

Is there are really good reason why your friends hate her, or is it maybe because they do not want you to ditch them for her? First, explain to your friends why you like her and that they should respect that. Tell them that it will not change your friendship with them. Then simply tell her that you have a crush..

I want to ask this girl you know to the winter ball but how should I do it?

Just be straight forward. No notes or friends asking for you. We hate that.

You like a girl but her friends dont like you what should you do?

Go for it but avoid her friends, they may make things bad for you because they hate you but you like her, noit her friends, they don't count. 177

What should you do when all your friends hate you for no reason?

They are not your real friends if they hate you. Friends are people who love you, are kind and will never leave your side. They don't deserve to be your friends.

What should you do if you like a girl but her friends hate you?

If she likes you that's all that matters. If she's swayed by the attitude of her friends then you should move on. No one deserves to be treated in this manner unless they are a bully, troublemaker, or have disregard for others.

If a girl says i hate you with her friends but when her friends or without her or not looking and she smiles at you does that mean she likes you?

no she has to pay atenshin to you.

What you should do when you like a boy but your friends hate him?

Tell your friends its none of their business who you like if you like him that's up to you if your friends hate him you shouldn't look for their approval.

What reason should a girl give to a guy when the girl dont to be in a relationship with that guy?

don't tell that guy that you hate him, tell him you are sorry but you don't feel the same as he does towards you. You can be friends or even best friends. I hope that would help! =]

How do you go out with a girl who your friends hate and think you hate her but if you go out with her your friends will hate you?

Go for it dont listen to your friends if you love him/her than give it a chance...

Dose Justin Bieber hate Miley Cyrus?

no he doesnt hate her they are actually friends and he thinks she's a "cool girl"

What does it mean when a boy keeps staring at a girl every time she walks by him?

Looking good, bad, hate and liking could all be factors...

What if all your friends hate you?

I doubt all of the hate you, hate is a pretty strong word. Being honest with yourself, have you done something to upset one or all of them? People usually have a reason for not liking someone. Even if it is only in their mind. If you can honestly say you have done nothing wrong and they do hate you , they aren't very good friends and you are probably better off without them.

What should you do if you hate the girl that sits next to you?


How do you keep your kids from liking a relative that you hate?

You cant keep your kids from liking a relative that you hate, Its just natural for kids to love family! Im sure if this relative is really a bad person, The kids will eventually stop liking them.

What should you do if your friends hate your crush but you think he likes you?

You have to decide what is more important. The crush or the friends.

I'm a skater girl but love ballet But my friends hate it should I tell them That I like it or keep quiet?

Well if your friends don't like something you do then they aren't your friends. Friends are people who care about you and don't care what you do they just like you for you. so tell them and see what they do.

What should you do if all of your friends hate you?

Don't worry about it, because they wouldn't hate you if they were your real friends, so just stay to yourself and ignore those haters.

What does it mean When a girl is afraid to tell you she doesn't like you anymore and she is afraid to tell you because she thinks you will hate her?

Look at her and tell her how you feel, do you still want to be friends? will you hate her? Communicate with your girl.

What should i say when a girl say i hate you to a girl?

try to comfort the girl and tell her ur her friend

Should you break up with your boyfriend because your friends hate him?

No you should still date him its not your friends choice who you date it's yours!

How do you ask a girl to a dance if your friends hate her?

you can ask her in private . whenever you meet her alone or tell your friends that you like that girl .if they are your true friends they'll understand your feelings. and might they'll accept her has your friend.

Do Gossip Girl costars hate each other?

They only hate each other in the show, they're probably friends in real life.

What if you think your friends hate you?

There are two possibilites...1) They do hate you and in that case they are not your friends.2) They do not hate you, they are your friends and it is all in your imagination.

How do you get a seventh grade girl not to like you?

Go up to her and tell her you don't like her. Not in a mean way though or she will hate you. Tell her you don't feel comfortable with her liking you.