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Consider these questions when deciding between two people you like.

Who are you more comfortable with?

Who likes you more?

Who are you more compatible with?

Who do you get to see more?

When you wake up in the morning who is the first one to come to your head?

Who do you think would treat you better?

Who out of the two of them is more of a "player"?

Just make sure you choose a guy that will treat you with the most respect. I did have to go through this in the 10th grade, and I still do not regret my choice today, for we are now happily married. Follow your heart, and choose the guy you can see yourself with forever and ever.

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Q: What should you do if you like two boys?
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If you like two boys what should you do?

I think that if you like two boys, You should totally see who you have more in common with or somthing like that.. who is nicer and would treat you right.. or maybe the one that you can completly picture getting married with:) Just go with what your heart is telling you!

What to do when you like two boys in your class?

I say you should tell yourself which do you like best and that boy tell him

If your a tomboy should you like boys?

of course you can i personally am a tomboy and i do like boys ITS NORMAL

If you like two boys how do you know which one you like?

You'd know, just like thinking about the other boy more and if you think about both the same amount, then i guess you should tell like one of the boys that you have feelings for them

How do choose between two boys you like without kissing?

you should go with the one you really like hope this helps

If there are eighteen boys and two girls and they all like one girl what should the other girl do?

be sad and depresses

When two boys fight over you?

You go out with both of them and the one YOU like more, you take. But, don't tell both boys that you are dating both of them! You should tell them wich one you like most and go out with him.

Can boys like girls?

We should hope so! Thant's how most marriages work!

What should you do if you fancy two boys?

Pick the one who you like more or who likes you more. or you know you could do a coin toss.

Why are dads so protecctive when it comes to boys?

because they know what it is like to be a boy and what boys your age are like. you should listen to him.

What do you do if there are two boys you like but you know one way better and the other one you have never talked to who should i pick?

How can you like someone you never talked to? I think you should talk to that person first, then decide who you like better.

What should you do if you're going out with 2 boys a the same time and one of them is like your best friend but you don't like him and you like the other one?

Number one you shouldn't be going out with two boys. Be with the person who makes you smile and laugh .. who makes you feel alive.

Why do boys act like idiots?

Because they are boys. No further explanation is possible- or should be needed.

What do girls do when there in between to boys?

They figure out which of the two boys like/love her more and would do anything for her.

Your 11 years old you like these two boys ones 11 and ones 14 there both great and like you back what should you do?

That's difficult when you like two boys at once, but the 14 year old one probably doesn't like you in the way you think. Boys don't tend to like younger girls, so he probably only likes you as a friend. With the one who is 11, maybe you should give him a chance, but if you find you prefer the other, tell him you would like to just be friends. If you can't decide, then don't go out with either of them, or they might start fights.

Who are you in love with?

two boys i go out with one of them but i like the other one and they are best friends it is hard because they both really like me and they want me to choose between them! wat should i do?

Do boys like it when girls kiss them?

yes they do but you should be with him to kiss him....

Should you tell your friend you like boys?

If you are gay, no if not Yes

What should girls do to get boys to like them?

Nothing special. Be themselves. Plenty of guys will like them for who they are.

What do you do if you like two boys at the same time?

Wait it our and see which one you like better.

Should a 10 year old like boys?

i like that they should just not date. they can learn about what happens when they like someone and they dont like them back and so on.

Should you act like other boys to pick up girls?

No. You sould be yourself. If they like you they like you for who you are.

You like this girl but you think a lot of other boys like her what should you do to get her?

There is a chance that this girl does not know that a lot of boys do not like her. To get her, start talking to her and ask for her number. yes i agree

How do boys like you?

They should like you for who u r not what u wear or whow you hang out with. You can't make boys like you and if they dont like you just move on u dont have to b enemys

What do you do if two boys like you at the same time?

if you like them both then get to know them and find out which one you like more