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Tell her that you like her, and that you would like to get to know her better. Find out if she would be willing to go to a game with you, or a movie, or some other activity that you can share, but is public. Ask her about herself, and pay attention to the answers.

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What should a girl do if she wants her ex boyfriend back she knows he loves her and she thinks he wants her back also so how should she go about fixing this problem?

All you can really do is let him know that you are willing to be there for him should he decide to come back to you. But chances are, if he still loves you and wants you back, he'll find a way to get back to you.

How do you know if he loves you back?

To know if he loves you back. Read the signs of his body does he act like that as well. Look into his eyes does he look like he loves you.

How do you know if a girl extremely loves you but cant tell you about her feelings?

If you want to know if a girl like/loves you than... 1 you should be dating if u think she loves you & 2 ask her about her feelings it show you care about her =)

Realtionships I lost the love of my life to another girl and I want him backwhat should I do because I know he still loves me?

If you lost the love of you life to another girl, and you want him back, and you are still convinced that he still loves you, approach the other girl and make it clear to her.

If a girl loves you and you know that then what should we do?

You should tell her that that u love her and she is is your lady and tell her u will be there for her.

How do you i know about the girl how loves me?

The grammer you have used makes no sense -- what is it you are trying to ask? Is your question: "How do I know if girl loves me?" Or is it "How do YOU know that a girl loves me?" Or is it "WHAT do you know about the girl who loves me?" There is simply no way to answer your question as stated. If you rephrase it so that it is clear, we can take a better stab at it.

How do you know that he loves you back?

Answer You know if someone loves you back by their body rythem, the way they look into your eyes should tell you but if your really don't know, why not ask that person, that way you won't have to guess, you will know.

Should you suprisingly kiss your girl if you know that she loves you?

yes!! if you think she's ready

How do you know your boyfriend loves you back?

You can experience yourself when he loves back to you.

What should a girl do if she loves a boy but he doesn't know about it?

The girl should tell the boy how she feels, to see if the boy feels the same way as well.

What should you do when this girl says she likes you a lot but she still loves her boyfriend?

how do you know she still loves her bf? is this an ex bf? or present bf?

How do you know girl's love?

Love is something magicla, you should know if a girl like you or even loves you. Don't get nervous when a girl says she likes or oves you. It's not something you should reject.

How will a bold guy behave when he loves a girl?

Flirt with her, and if she doesn't want to know, the grow back your hair or get a wig!

What shall you do if you know the girl your best mate loves is just using him for attenchion but he loves her?

maybe u should just tell him the truth....... :S

Is there a song about a girl who loves a guy but might not love her back?

I would say "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen because its about a girl who loves a guy, gives him her number but she isn't sure if he will call her or not (and would let her know if he likes her back).

Should the girl kiss the guy first or is that too bold?

the boy should kiss the girk 1st to let her know that he loves her

Should I tell this girl I love her?

If you want to tell a girl you love her be sure she loves you too. I know someone who didn't do this and had his heart broke.

How do you know if a girl from the Philippines loves you?

Ask her.

How do you know a girl who loves you?

your heart can tell.

How do you know if the girl your with is the one?

By asking her if she loves you.

How you know if your ex still loves you?

He'll use another girl to make you jealous or ask for you back, crawling on his knees.

How do you know when a girl say lets be friends but still show you that she likes you?

lol.try kissing her and if she kisses you back,she still loves and if she rejects the kiss you know that she is over you.

Why is a guy always buy things for a girl but doesn't want anything back from her and not even to be his girlfriend?

so she will know that he is always there for her and that he loves her and all he wants is for her to know that

How do you know your blind date girl loves you?

you dont

Is there a song about a girl that loves a guy but doesn't know if he likes her back?

actually you would be surprised because i believe there is a few songs about it

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