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It depends on how long it's been in the tongue but also is different from person to person how fast it closes, but I Recomend You Buy A Retainer For Your Piercing Seeing As They Are See Through.

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Q: What should you do if you need to remove your tongue piercing for an hour?
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Can you be numbed for tongue piercing?

A tip is to suck on ice for an hour before the piercing, it will help to numb it.

How long do I have to keep a tongue piercing in before you can take it out to hide it from my parents?

I took mine out about a week in and replaced it with a clear bar, but they tell you you should wait a minimum of 2 wks before you remove the original bar. You can't keep the bar out or the hole will close. It's only a matter of minutes before it will close so I don't advise you to take it out and keep it out. Just replace it with a tongue retainer. You can google them. Also, it doesn't matter how long you've had the piercing, your tongue heals quickly and the hole will close. I know someone who had their tongue piercing for 10 yrs but when she took her tongue ring out it only took about half an hour before the hole started closing.

How long do you wait to eat after piercing your tongue?

Well a smart egg would have eaten before getting the tongue piercing done, but barring that over sight, eat easy going foods (soup sandwiches etc.) about an hour or two after the piercing. Don't forget the cold stuff for the swelling.

How do you keep from getting food in a new lip piercing?

A friend of mine got a tongue piercing at a professional and asked the same question. He said to wait about an hour or two and while you wait keep the ring in your piercing, because if its brand new with no ring in it, it will close faster than one you had for a while . So just wait about an hour or so with a ring in it. Then the pro said if the tongue is bleeding from when you pierced it first still or its swollen or whatever then you have to wait a little while. While you eat, take your piercing out since its new and the flesh of the tongue is still tender and you dont want to stretch it. Chew carefully and slowly . Hope i helped

How long before you can remove an industrial piercing and not have it close up.?

1 year after having it done, you can take the jewellery out for an 8 hour period without fear of the piercing closing up.

You got your lip pierced Friday and it iswednesday so can you remove the piercing for an hour and put it back in?

not usually, but it depends on the person.

How soon do tongue piercings heal?

The initial swelling from a tongue piercing generally goes down after between one and two weeks. At this point it is ok to change your barbell for a smaller one. Once the initial swelling has gone down, the piercing takes about another two weeks to fully heal. Tongue piercings close up extremely quickly though if the jewellery is left out - from as little as an hour.

How long can i keep my tongue ring out after having it for a month and a half?

What is it with you people getting piercings then asking how long you can take it out for? The point is if you get a piercing (like a tongue) you leave it alone and leave it in, there is no real reason to be removing it unless you are going for a CAT scan or an MRI there is no reason to take it out. Work can not force you to remove it because it's an oral piercing and not visibleunless you are goofing around with it, in that case smarten up and quit goofing with it. You don't need to remove it of GYM classes (what about kids with braces, they don't remove them for GYM) so there is no reason other than those I have out lined, where you need to remove the barbell. OK so for some reason you want to take it out, you have maybe a 1 hour window at the most where if you remove the barbell you can put it back in without any long term damage to the very new piercing you have. The piercing can become damaged by repeated removal and replacement so if you can get away without removing it the better.

How long after you get your tongue pierced does take to stop bleeding?

It should be soon after, within an hour. The tongue heals very quickly. It will, however, be sore for days.

Is it safe to get a nose and tongue piercing at the same time?

The maximum number of piercings that would be considered safe at any one sitting is 3. Even though piercing is relatively safe when in a controlled environment of a professional body piercing studio, there is a limit to what the body will cope with. Any invasive procedure will tax the bodies ability to cope with the stress of piercing. So getting a tongue piercing and a nostril piercing won't be too bad, however be sure you have a good meal ( actual food, not junk food and candy ) at least 1 hour before you get the piercing done. This will allow your body to maintain it's normal blood sugar levels and allow you to cope with the piercing experience.

How long should you wait to eat after tongue piercing?

when i got mine pierced it was swollen for a little over a week, but the worst was prolly day 2-5. it rele hurts to eat. i ate a bowl of ramon noodles the day after and it took me well over an hour. if i were you i would get all the eating in while u can cuz it hurts to move ur tongue to swollow ur food and chew it up. i didnt wait becuz i like to eat a lot lol, but i love the aftermath of my piercing!

How long does it take for a tongue piercing to heal?

Swelling goes down in two weeks, the piercing has a light heal by six weeks and a full heal by one year. Any time under a year the piercing can react to various health issues, getting sick or catching a cold for example. But no professional body piercer will consider a piercing seasoned until it's a year old.The tongue is actually the fastest healing of all piercings due to the nature of the organ. The pain and swelling should stop within two weeks max, and the tongue should accept the jewelry and heal itself within two to three months. Other piercings may take up to a year to heal completely, but this is not the case with the tongue as it is cartilage-free and is a solid muscle therefore healing more quickly than connective tissue.The tongue is two muscle complexes joined in the center by connective tissue and still requires an appropriate time to heal and season. 6~8 weeks for a light heal but is considered seasoned after a one year period. Based on over 17 years of providing professional piercing services in a licensed piercing facility.The swelling should go down in a bout a week. Maybe longer if you try to eat or just play with it a lot. You shouldn't change it till the swelling has completely gone down which may take anywhere from 1-3 months.Tongue piercings take 6 to 8 weeks to get a light heal, but the tongue is far from healed in that time, it can take another 2 months for the tongue to heal completely if not more depending on the level of your health.A tongue piercing without complications can fully heal in four weeks. With complications, it may never heal and might have to be surgically closed. Every body piercing can result in sepsis and even death.6 to 8 weeks for a light heal however it will take 6 months for the body to season and toughen the piercing to the point it can be removed for short periods of time (hour or two max) under the first year.

Can you remove your cartilige piercing for an hour?

It depends on your body. Not everyone is the same. Some can close in mminutes and others in days. The age of the piercing doesnt always help determine how long it will stay open. I'd just wear a clear retainer in it to make it less noticeable.

How To Get A Fever Fast?

Do the old penny trick. put a penny under your tongue ang suck on it for about and hour or so then take your temp that should do it!

How to get a fast fever?

Do the old penny trick. put a penny under your tongue ang suck on it for about and hour or so then take your temp that should do it!

How long before a piercing closes?

It depends on how long you have had the piercing. if its new about a couple mins to an hour maybe depends on the body part you put the piercing. if you had it for a while it could take a couple days to close or a month

What are rules for tongue piercings?

If you mean rules for cleaning and care, they are: -Make sure to mouthwash (1/2 water, 1/2 mouthwash) after every time you eat, drink anything but water, or smoke. -For swelling, take ibuprofen (not more than 6 in a 24 hour period) and let ice chips melt on your tongue. (I ate a lot of popsicles) -DO NOT brush the piercing with your toothbrush. All of the bacteria it carries is okay for your teeth, but you could get a pretty serious infection in your tongue. A white-yellow goo coming from the hole (both on the top & bottom of the tongue) is normal, this is not puss. It won't harm your piercing, it is just something that happens due to swallowing issues, and saliva buildup. Swelling and discomfort are normal for the first week-two weeks. The piercing itself isn't the least bit painful. Enjoy!

How long can you remove tongue jewelry?

They have bee known to close up only hours after taking it out, personally i woudlnt take it our for more than an hour, or just wear a retainer if its an appeanrence issue.

Can you drink alcohol on the day of having your tongue pierced?

Sure you can just don't go out and be an idiot when you are out drinking, here's the skinny on drinking and tongue piercings. When you drink you dehydrate your self, you also seem to be fearless and do silly things like show everyone your tongue piercing. It's the hyper extension of the tongue in concert with over drinking and dehydration that makes the next day and all new sense of hell for your tongue. The swelling could be off the chart if you get carried away. So be smart eat before your get the piercing done (about and hour to an hour and a half before), if you go for a drink get the bar maid to get you a glass of ice water to help keep the swelling down during your visit (pop ice in your mouth and let it melt). Just be smart don't get too carried away, stay hydrated with water between drinks and have some fun. Keep the showing it off for a few days down the road, if you have seen one pierced tongue you have seen a dozen.

How long do you need to keep a tragus piercing in for before you can take it out for about an hour?

Theres no real answer, unfortunately. It really depends on how you heal. People can have piercings for years that close up within an hour. If you can't have jewelry for work/school, look into getting a clear retainer. It'll keep the piercing open and be less obvious. Basically, don't remove the jewelry unless you accept the risk that it could close over completely.

Average salary of a body piercer?

I think $400 per hour. For professinal body piercing.

Should you cover your turkey breast when you bake it?

You should cover the turkey breast for the first hour, then remove the cover so it doesn't brown too fast.

Can you take your monroe piercing out without it healing to quick?

If it is still a fresh, unhealed piercing, I would not leave it out for more than one hour (maximum) if you still want to keep it. When you get a piercing, your body starts working overtime to try and patch the hole that was just created in your body. Piercings at this stage can close within a half an hour, to 1-2 hours. If you like the piercing, do not leave it out for more than one hour. If the problem with it is, you need to hide it for work, school, etc., you can buy a clear retainer to put in it, rather than the surgical steel jewelry.

How long should you leave a tongue piercing in after you've had it pierced?

What do you mean? You can never take it out, or it will close up! Every person is different, so some people might (after having it for a very long time) be able to take it out for a short amount of time (a few hours) and still have the hole, but other people will find that it closes up in less than an hour (even if they've had it for years). The cells in your mouth re-grow very quickly... Even if it didn't completely close, it might partially close, and then you'd do damage when you put the jewelry back in. A tongue stud is not an ear-lobe piercing: You don't decide, each day, if you want to wear it or not! Consider it permanent.

What do you do when you take out a tongue ring?

Give it an hour and a half, and you won't have a pierced tongue anymore. Give it two weeks and you'll never be able to tell you had a pierced tongue. Tongues heal really, really fast.