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Knock the lad out

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โˆ™ 2008-11-01 13:21:10
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Q: What should you do if you really like a guy in your class and you want to ask him out but you think he will say no?
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What do you do if you think a friend is trying to avoid you and you REALLY like them?

you should STARE at him/her during class TIP:DON'T get noteced

Should i ask out this girl in my class?

If you really like her then you should.

How should you respond when your bfgf says I love you but you don't really think you're there yet?

You say "I really like like you, but i don't think I'm in love with you". They should understand.

What do you get a boy that you really like but don't know for Christmas?

think.. if u really like him you should know

You like someone and you are fat?

i think it shouldn't matter to the person if they really like you .they should like you for who you are.

You really like this boy in your class but you dont know if he likes mewhat should you do?

i really really like this boy in my class but i dont know if he feels the same way.we have only 5months till we leave jks to go to different schools !!!!!!!!i need to know if he feels the same way what should i do????????

What should you do if a friend tells you you should tell your crush you like him?

You should really think for a second. Would the boy go and tell every single one of his friends? Do you really like him for who he is or just because of his looks? Liking someone takes a lot of thinking, so think think think!!! Also if the guy really likes you back, he should be the one to ask you out.

I like this boy at school but i have never talked to him. how should i start a conversation?

Well i think that you should just say heyy or somehting, how are you? And when u are in class be like i honestly don't understand this...... Well i think that you should just say heyy or somehting, how are you? And when u are in class be like i honestly don't understand this......

Should skateboarding be an elactive in school?

i think it should be an eletive in school because some people really like to skateboard so i think it should.

I am with this guy that I really like but my friends don't like him what should I do?

>I think that you should really think about your friends considerations, and that if you really like him. Pretend that you are a different person, and think about how you would go together with him, and if he has dine anything bad to you. If not, think about why your friends might hate him. It might be because your not spending enough time with them. If you are spending a oot of time with them, then consider new friends...

A boy in your class said that he likes you and he is dating someone else Should you tell him you like him back?

umm.. i think u should tell him if you really like him nd he likes u back because it hurts to love and not beloved back but wat really hurt is to love some one and not get the courage to tell them:)

If your parents will not let you date someone you really like what can you do?

You should tell your parents that you think you should be able to date when you think you are old enough.

What should i do to stop my too inappropriate boyfriend but i like him still?

if you really like him, you would tell him what you think about him

You guys have like no answer man u really should work on that grrrrrr...?

i think you should calm down and submit your question i think that would help because youe seem really mad

You like a guy but your friends think hes gross what should you do?

If you REALLY like him you should tell your friends then ask him out somewhere but if he's just like a 'kinda like him'you you should try then if it doesn't work out just move on and find someone who you REALLY like.

You like a girl in your English class what should you do?

JUST tell her ya twit I think u should tell the girl how u feel I think u should tell the girl how u feel

What do you do if you like someone and they don't like you?

i think you should just move on but if you really like the person try to get his attention by flirting with him,sometines if you are really nice he will like you in the end it always works for me

I like a really like a guy but I think he does NOT like me because he told me he likes my best friend but my best friend does not like him. What should I do?

you should try to tell him that no body in the will like him like you.

How do you ask out someone you really like but your too nervous to ask them?

Send them a valentine. Be nice to them, and when you think they like you, ask them out; it's not that hard really! I should know! ;)

You like this guy really really much but you dont think he likes you back and now he has a girlfriend but you really like him and cant forget him what should you do?

Take it one day at a time and move on.

What should you do if you like a guy that your best friend really likes?

Well......I think you should ask your friend if it's okay.

You really like this guy and you think he likes you but he has a girlfriend should you do anything about it?

definately. Ask him if he likes you.

What if you really liked this guy and you think he doesn't like you back what should you do?

Get a friend to find out if he likes you.

Should you date a guy that your friends hate?

if you really like him you shouldn't care what your freinds think.

How do you know if you like him or not?

You have to really think about it, do you really like that guy or not?