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If you are "under the advice and monitoring by a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist" then perhaps you should ask one of THEM rather than looking for random advice from strangers on the internet. Withdrawal from Prozac has long been known to be a dangerous time. The general recommendation has been to slowly diminish the dosage levels. I'm quite surprised that any physician of any specialty would suggest sudden cessation of the medication. I'm especially surprised that a psychiatrist would suggest such a thing. I, too, am wondering about the medical advice you are getting and why you'd be posting on here and asking others if you are, in fact, really getting actual medical care. NO doctor would just STOP you from taking Prozac. You would be tapered off of it (or any anti-depressant) gradually. Also, when being "monitored" by a physician, they usually instruct you to contact them IMMEDIATELY if you are having ANY severe symptoms -- physical OR mental. You're asking what you should do since you're having suicidal thoughts? You need to contact your doctor! IMMEDIATELY! You really shouldn't quit cold turkey but I have twice before. I shook every morning and felt like life wasnt worth living anymore (quitting other bi-polar drugs cold turkey is ALOT worse so this too shall pass! I recommend t.v. reading, wine(or at least cranberry juice) and THC if you do that will also help. I would definitely call your Doctor (if u can call him that) and tell him your Uncle or someone in your family is in the medical field and they would never even think of ceasing meds such as these but rather gradually reducing your dosage. I would take St. Johns Wort till u feel a little better if your doc will not do what is right. Good Luck - this feeling WILL pass!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Q: What should you do if you recently stopped Prozac under the advice and monitoring of a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist and the past two days the anxiety is overwhelming and you have suicide thoughts?
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