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What should you do if you sent a flirty email to a boy and he replied immediately then came to see you but there were a bunch of people at your house so you reacted cooly and now he is ignoring you?



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Well, you put a front on around others and hurt his feelings. What kind of message do you think you sent to him when he made the effort to come over and then you "reacted cool" to him. You should have been fake and he wouldn't have gotten upset. You need to go to him and apologize and tell him it will never happen again. If he chooses to accept your apology so be it, if not be a big girl and learn that you can play with other peoples feelings.


What do you want to do. Do you want to apologize for being offstandish or do you not care about his feelings. Go to him and tell him your sorry you put on a front and see what he says. Dont be surprised if he tells you "later" because you initiated something and then treated him badly.