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Well, you put a front on around others and hurt his feelings. What kind of message do you think you sent to him when he made the effort to come over and then you "reacted cool" to him. You should have been fake and he wouldn't have gotten upset. You need to go to him and apologize and tell him it will never happen again. If he chooses to accept your apology so be it, if not be a big girl and learn that you can play with other peoples feelings.

AnswerWhat do you want to do. Do you want to apologize for being offstandish or do you not care about his feelings. Go to him and tell him your sorry you put on a front and see what he says. Dont be surprised if he tells you "later" because you initiated something and then treated him badly.
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What is flirty in German?

flirty = kokett

What are all the signs that a guy likes you and signs they dont like you?

like : gets close, flirty, always wanting to be near you , txting/emailing .. Dislike : moving away from you.. ignoring you ETC

What is the description of flirty?

flirty isang malupet mag sf

How do you approach a girl that you've been playing eyecandy with in class?

eyecandy=mysterious/flirty so b mysterious flirty! (and not just that not talking to you, ignoring u crap i mean like flirting suggestively, fun) then when she let's you in, (not literaly, but like tries to get 2 know u) go 4 it! bcome freinds, go out get married, whatever you want.

Is flirty an adjective?

Yes, 'flirty' is an adjective; it describes a way of behaving which is playful, teasing or superficially friendly, with amorous overtones. For example: Conversation between the acquaintances seated together was light and flirty. She is a natural flirt; her manner when meeting people she likes is flirty. 'Flirtatious', also an adjective, means the same as 'flirty', while 'flirt' - meaning a person who flirts or is flirty - is a noun, and 'flirt', meaning to be flirty, is a verb.

What if a girl says she doesn't like flirty boys?

If you like her dont be flirty.

How do you get together with a guy?

Flirt, stare at him, smile, be funny. Be promiscuous... give him a look (flirty like lock eyes) then immediately turn away. It makes guys want you more.

What are flirty things to say to a guy?

you dont need to be flirty if you like the guy just be yourself with him

What women do when they feel flirty?

when women are flirty they tend to try and get attention especially when other girls are with you.

How do you be flirty and a tomboy?

dress like a boy but still be a bit flirty just act boyish but sensitive

What are some flirty things to say to a guy when your texting?

there is no flirty things to say just things he likes

What boy doesn't love a flirty girl?

My boy doesn't love a flirty girl, that's who. My son says he likes a girl who is outgoing but not flashy or flirty. Different strokes for different folks.

Are you flirty?

no, im shy

What rhymes with flirty?


What rhymes with Bertie?


How do you make a girl jealouse?

if your a guy you act all flirty with other girls, and if your a girl then you act all flirty with guys

What are the release dates for Flirty Florence - 1913?

Flirty Florence - 1913 was released on: USA: 4 September 1913

What are the release dates for A Flirty Affliction - 1910?

A Flirty Affliction - 1910 was released on: USA: 21 September 1910

What are the release dates for The Flirty Sleepwalker - 1932?

The Flirty Sleepwalker - 1932 was released on: USA: 27 March 1932

Is flirty a bad personality trait?

Flirty Can Be A Good Personality Trait & A Bad. Having A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend And Being Flirty Can Cause a Breakup And Being Single And Wanting A Boyfriend Or a Girlfriend is When Being Flirty Is Good You Can Also Be A Secret Flirt And Flirt With Lots Of People You are Interested In But Never Actually Go Into a Real Relationship.

What should you do to get your first kiss?

Be flirty

What rhymes with thirteen and fourteen?


How do you get a flirty hug from a boy?

You ask.

How do I find out if one of my friends likes me we've been friends for a while but she seems kind of flirty latly?

If she's flirty then she likes you.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Flirty Affliction - 1910?

The cast of A Flirty Affliction - 1910 includes: Gladys Field as Molly

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