What should you do if you think your good friend is attracted to your husband?

  • Get a new friend. I know it's hard, but she will use everything she knows against you to get to him.
  • Be polite but to the point. The next time she makes an inappropriate comment to your husband, smile sweetly and say, "It's too bad you have to practice flirting with Mike because you can't find a man." I think your husband should at least not respond to the comments, and avoid her somewhat.
  • Maybe she is attracted to him but has not and would not act on her feelings because of your friendship. Insulting her would drive a wedge between you and could encourage her to go after your husband. It's common for people to feel attracted to people who are unavailable, and most people don't hide their feelings as well as they think they can. Give her and your husband the benefit of the doubt. If you are mean and jealous, you may lose both your friend and your husband. If she is attracted to him it's all the more reason to speak up and say something. She obviously is saying what she wants without regarding her friendship to her friends. Don't give her and your husband the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to pursue what deeper feelings they could have. Nip it in the bud. She doesn't sound like a friend. I think men want women to fight for them.
  • Confront her before it gets out of hand.
  • You need to lay down the law. Especially if, like in my situation, the friend is known to have slept with other friends' boyfriends and ex-boyfriends. Easier said than done, though. For the fear of losing the friendship, I haven't brought myself to bring it up to her, but perhaps the friendship isn't worth saving.
  • If she is a good friend, she will understand what "boundaries" mean. You need to establish these to protect your family - as I have stated in a previous.
  • Nothing. Be flattered. It is a compliment, of sorts. Would you rather she thought your husband was a loser? What you seemed to be worried about has nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with how your husband handles it and of course, how you handle it; which, so far is not going very well.
  • If you think your good friend is attracted to your husband, then obviously she isn't your friend. A friend wouldn't do something like that EVER! You can think someone is attractive, but you certainly don't act on that and if this person is a friend of yours, you certainly don't act on him either. A person who I thought was a friend mine, was attracted to my husband. She answered her door with only a sexy nightgown on after she had her daughter call my daughter and invite her over to spend the night. My "good friend" knew I was working that night, and knew my husband would be the one bringing our daughter over. I guess she tried to pull one over on me. Needless to say, my husband told me what she did, and what she was wearing, and so forth. She wasn't my friend after that, and I have so enjoyed telling others this story about her.
  • I would end the friendship.
  • If you think your friend is attracted to your husband, than she really isn't a friend. I would keep her away from your husband. If you still want her as a friend keep her away from him and tell her he doesn't like her around all the time. Say something that will make her think he isn't attracted to her and that he doesn't want to be around her.
  • You really don't have to worry if your friend is attracted to your husband. Why not if he's hot ? Wouldn't any red blooded woman think so? Why is it different because she's your friend? If she oversteps the mark by being overly flirtatious and with no regard for your feelings then yes, speak up on the spot that you won't tolerate it, but that may never happen if you just don't overreact. The only thing you have to worry about is if he is attracted to her. If so, and it's not your imagination then you have a reason to worry.
  • Sit back and take a deep breathe and really look at why you feel like this way. Is she's flirting with him overtly and is he enjoying it? Does she make comments to you like she wishes she'd have a guy like him? Does she touch him when she's talking to him? I shutter to think that you think this is one sided only because normally someone has to get signals from another that this behavior is acceptable. There is no harm in your friend finding your husband attractive that should be a compliment to both of you but if she is making you uncomfortable or your husband doesn't seem to mind then maybe you should let her know in a "friendly" way exactly what it is that you notice and see what she says. If she's your friend she will appreciate your honestly and make the adjustments. Just don't come out and blurt that you think she 'wants' your man; say something like 'Hey, I want to talk to you about something that is bothering me" "Sometimes when you do _____or ______ It makes me a little uncomfortable because we are friends and I think there are certain boundaries or lines we just don't do.' Ask your husband too if he notices and see what he says. If he says it doesn't bother him then he needs to adjust that and not lead her on.
  • Pay attention and watch body language. Go with your gut feeling. Confront your friend if you believe it to be true and let her know you're wise to it. I didn't and paid the price for it. Trust yourself; your instincts are probably right. Of course this is assuming that you're not an overly or abnormally suspicious or jealous person. My best friend and husband ended up having a year long affair until I caught them in the act. Body language and where people's eyes linger tell everything their mouths don't say. Read up on body language.

Another answer: You don't say why you think this way, but if its true, PLEASE SPEAK UP. It happens all the time the time that a girlfriend befriends a husband and next thing you know they are in a relationship and the wife gets dumped. Do not be ashamed of how you feel. It may be nothing, but you will have peace of mind if you get it off your chest. Make her visits to your home few and far between. Even the Bible lets us know this is a good idea. Proverbs 25: 17 "Rarely set your foot in your neighbors house, so that he does not get tired of you and hate you."