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It's called "having your cake and eating it too." I never believed in dated a guy steady and then breaking-up and remaining friends. I don't think it's possible because one or the other is going to get hurt. It's best to move on.

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What if your boyfriend broke up with you how do you become friends?

if your boyfriend and you broke you become friends by talking about what happen or suggest to be friends most people who do brake up end up becoming very good friends

Is it possibly for you to be friends with your ex boyfriend?

Yes of course, I am friends with my ex. But its up to you, if you want to be friends of course, but if that's why you broke up then you should think a bit more.

Should you get your ex boyfriend a birthday gift?

I think it depends how you guys ended up after you broke up, and why you broke up. If you guys are friends and ended it in good terms then why not? No.

Does Danielle Campbell have a boyfriend?

She does not have a boyfriend. She is good friends with Sterling Knight. They used to date for a while, but they broke up and their just friends.

Is that bad that you broke up with your boyfriend 4 times in 4 months?

Depends on what you broke up over

What if she recently broke up with her boyfriend and she wants to be just friends?

Roll with it!

Who is Georgie Henley boyfriend?

She had a boyfriend from Leeds in early 2013, though they broke up after only two months.

What do you do if your best friends boyfriend broke up with her to go out with you?

give him some dome

Should I forgive a good friend if she hurt me by dating my boyfriend without letting me know for two months?

If you and your boyfriend are still dating and have not split up then this friend of yours is not a true friend to you and you should consider her a toxic friend and walk away from her. If you and your boyfriend broke up and she dated him and obviously didn't tell you it is probably because she didn't want to hurt you. In this case talk with her and tell her that she should have been honest with you, but you should still remain friends.

You just broke up with your boyfriend and you still like him what should you do?

Go out and have some fun with some friends or something and try getting him off of your mind.

A sentence with solace?

After her boyfriend broke up with her, the solace of her friends helped her move on with her life.

Does Caitlin beadles have a boy friend?

No. She broke up with her boyfriend, Hayden, about 1½ months ago.

What should you do because your boyfriend is going out with your best friend and broke up with you?

Stay away they are both trash to treat you this way to start with. You need new friends.

When your boyfriend breaks up with you should you steal be his friend?

I don't think yall should hate each other. It depends on whether he broke up with you for the wrong reason......... I have this one guy that I broke up with and we are best friends and we tell each other everything but we broke up cause he moved.

Ok so your boyfriend broke up with you and you still have strong feelings for him but he just wants to be friends what should you do?

Just be friends with him because if you try to get him to go back out with you then he might not even want to be your friend anymore.

What should you do if you like a bisexual who just broke up with her boyfriend?

Ask her out.

Your boyfriend broke up with you how do you get over him?

Vodka and a bus boy should do it.

Should you listen to your brothers when they say your ugly and fat and that no one likes you but you have a lot of friends and just recently broke up with your boyfriend but he still loves you?

yes. Yes.

Your boyfriend broke up with you 3 days ago and his birthday is in two days should you give him a birthday card?

only, if you're still friends otherwise why does he deserve it?

What's going on with your boyfriend if he broke up with you but calls or instant messages you daily?

He wants to remain friends with you.

Why doesn't my ex-boyfriend want to be friends?

cause you broke up think about it really how stupid do you get?

Does my ex-boyfriend still like me after I broke up with him?

Yes he's jealous of your new boyfriend who is one of his best friends ! -Love Yourself

Should you get back with your ex-boyfriend?

i do, it depends, why you broke up! i dont see anything wrong with it x

What do you do if your boyfriend broke up with you and now he wont talk to you but you want to be friends?

Leave him alone for a while; go talk to him when hes alone and say "I know we broke up but can we still be friends". Been there done that.

What should you do if you just broke up with your boyfriend and this girl like him what should i do?

Nothing. You broke up with him and the other girl likes him. It's none of your business.