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Change boyfriends! This one obviously doesn't respect you. It can happen very easily and most embarrassing. If you are 17 plus I am sure if she is a wise mom that she expects her son will have sex, but doesn't really want to have to look at that ugly scene. LOL Sex is private and neither of your homes is the place to have it as it's disrespecful to your parents. Think! If you insist on having sex, then see a doctor and discuss Birth Control pills and ALWAYS have a male partner wear a condom because of sexually transmitted diseases.

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What can I do when my boyfriend walked in on me while I was with another guy and I don't know what to do now?

If you were making out with the guy or had thoughts of doing so then it is cheating and there is no excuse for cheating. If this is the case then you deserved what you got. Even going on steady basis with a boyfriend you should be honest and loyal and if you are tired of your present boyfriend then you should let him know. If you were just talking to another guy and it was completely innocent your boyfriend should have let you explain the circumstances.

Was your boyfriend cheating with the neighbor when you walked over there?

Yes. The neighbor was your mother.

What to do if your boyfriend lies about dating you and even lies to you saying he never said that?

I feel so sorry for you. Mine did that and I just walked away from him forever. Maybe you should do the same.

What is the opposite of walk around?

Walk through, walk over or walk under. The opposite will always involve doing the thing that walking around it would avoid."We walked around the lake""We walked through the lake""We walked around the mountain""We walked over the mountain""We walked around the ladder""We walked under the ladder"

When was He Walked Around the Horses created?

He Walked Around the Horses was created in 1948.

What does it mean when you call your ex-boyfriend your boyfriend by mistake?

you should say that you were just thinking about your boyfriend and say that you just messed up and got caught up in your words:) Yeah, the problem is, i don't have a boyfriend anymore. =) lol Like a few days ago i called him my boyfriend and my friend was like "i thought he broke up with you"then it just got all silent and i walked away, the bad thing is she is friends with him so he probably knows lol

Why did the Mayan people move around?

They walkedThey walkedThey walkedI LIKE TACOZ!

How often should a collie be walked?

like every type of breed, your dog should be walked around once/twice a day. walking your dog is the highlight of it's day, general exercise and good socialising. it is important that your border collie gets walked regularly, else you will find it will get destructive.

How did the seneca tribe get around or traveled around?

They walked around

If youre a teenager without a drivers license should you meet the girl there or pick her up for a first date?

They are both fine. Me and my Ex-boyfriend walked from school for our first date you could try that.

Should you use He walked pass or He walked past?


What if i am with another man friend and my boyfriend walked in i wonder if he's mad?

Of course he is going to be mad

How did the cavemen get around?

They walked.

How did the anasazi get around?

They walked.

How many times should you walk a five year old schnauzer a week?

Many people say dogs need to be walked three times a day. We walk our dog much more often than that. Your dog should be walked first thing in the morning when you get up and also right before you go to bed. In between, he should probably be walked around lunch time and around dinner time. We also take our dog with us on errands when it is practical.

What did the Aztecs use to get around?

To get around the Aztecs used boats an walked

How did the Sioux tribe get around?

They got around on horses or sometimes walked

How did the Romans get around rome?

They probably walked around with their Roman sandals on.

How did the Sioux got around?

They got around on horses or sometimes walked

Why would your boyfriend leave without telling you when you told him to get a job or move out?

He "walked the talk". He fulfilled your ultimatum ... and moved out.

How did vikings travel on land?

They walked and used wagon pulled by horses.They mainly walked around

I had a dream that my boyfriend cheated on me with my best mate and i walked in on them?

We all have dreams like this. Realize that it's just a dream and relax.

How long should a Shiba Inu be walked every day?

they are very active dogs so half an hour to an hour. or play with them and run around the house.

Why does S.E. Hinton use the alliteration They walked around slowly silently smiling?

probably because They walked around slowly silently smiling? ;P

Which subject pronoun should correct this sentence the elegant lady walked into the hotel?

She walked into the hotel.