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: If you are a victim of domestic violence or psychological abuse (extortion might qualify too), you likely do not need to remain married to your spouse or pay him/her to get your green card. You do have options, so talk to an Immigration attorney. There are likely to be low-cost immigration legal services available somewhere in your area. Ask around and search online. : In the meantime, you can look up the instructions to these forms at ("immigration forms" tab) to get an idea of what might fit your situation: I-360 (to file for status as a VAWA petitioner) or I-751 (using a battered spouse waiver). USCIS allows fee waivers for some forms.

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Can an immigrant married to a US citizen remain in the US?

Not unless they themselves are registered in court as an American citizen.

Is Kim Granatell still with her husband?

They are separated but remain married.

Is your husband legal if you were legally married?

If you're in the US and assuming you're talking about immigration issues... Merely marrying a US citizen does not make someone 'legal' or give them the right to remain in the country.

What relation are you to your husband's brother's daughter?

As long as you remain married to your husband, his brother's daughter is your niece and you are her aunt.

Can a mrried womean become a nun and remain married?

Probably not. As a nun they couldn't have a sexual relationship with a husband because when they take vows they are to remain celibate. Anyone I have known who was a nun or priest and wanted to get married had to leave .

Can an illegal immigrant who have a child with an EU citizen be granted right to remain in UK?

its possible,depends on the ff 1.if you are married to the eu citizen?! then you can 2. if youre not married you'll be deported,your child at the age of 18 has the right to choose which country he/she wants to settle in

You are a Turkish citizen can you get married on a tourist visa in UK?

you can get married but you cannot apply to remain here. you need to leave the uk and apply for entry clearance from turkey to come as the spouse of uk national.

How long must illegal alien and US citizen remain married?

the asumption of the quotinant of this proportino is aproximtley 7.>?*$&*↓♫♪u╚├§{ƒe an

Is it better for a woman who has an expired travel visa and wants to remain in the US to get married to a US citizen here in the US or in her own country of origin?

It would be better to get married in the U.S. But keep in mind it is only a suggestion.

Does a stepchild of a UK citizen who was married to a non UK citizen still have a right to live in the UK after parents divorced outside of the UK but still remain together as a family in the UK?

If the mother and child (the stepchild) are domiciled outside the UK then no.

Can a guy and a girl remain best friends forever or once someone of them gets married he ditches his best friend for his wife or husband?

yes as long as the husband or wife knows that they have been best friends forever

Will a British citizen permanent resident in Canada wanting to marry a US citizen have to leave the US if he gained access on a passport when married there and what is the best way to remain there?

Can someone please help with this question as I am facing the same issue thanks

If someone is married to a US citizen can he remain in the US regardless of his own Visa status?

The person needs to have permanent resident status. Marrying a US citizen does not automatically give you citizenship or different visa status. The requirements are having been a legal permanent resident for five years. Or being a legal permanent resident and married to a US citizen for three years. The person can then apply for US citizenship.

What would happen if husband living in the state of Florida is deported and the couple has one child and properties mortgage is in wife's name only and warranty deed is in both husband and wife's name?

The child would remain in the wife's custody if she is not deported or is a US citizen. All legal documents would remain "as is" until or unless the husband agrees to have his name removed. However, it would be complicated if he is out of the country. And yet, with his name on the documents. he would remain liable for payments, too. The wife would also remain liable for payments. This could lead to problems if she is not the primary breadwinner. If she cannot pay, the bank could foreclose.

Can an asylum seeker get married to British citizen?

Yes they can but you must apply for a COA from the home office (£395) and prove that it is a genuine relationship. Also it does not automatically give the asylum seeker the right to remain

Is it possible for someone that came to US legally but their time ran out is it possible for them to get married without leaving the country?

If your question is 'does merely marrying a US citizen give someone the right to remain in the US' then the answer is 'no'.

Can American dad get sole custody of infant son from illegal mom?

If he is not married to the mother, he has no assumed rights to the child even if she were a citizen, so the same challenges would remain in obtaining custody.

After a US citizen and a foreign national on a tourist visa obtain a marriage license can the foreign national apply for a 'green card'?

No, the couple would need to become legally married, the citizen spouse would need to apply for a change of status for the non citizen spouse. If it is granted the foreign spouse would be allowed to remain in the US and after having been married for two years could apply for permanent resident status.

Can my husband not give me a divorce?

No. Not if you live in the Western World. Your husband cannot force you to remain married to him. This is the twenty first century. Men have no such authority over their wives. He can complicate the divorce proceeding somewhat but he cannot stop it. You husband isn't the source for obtaining a divorce, the state family court system is the source.

If I file chapter 7 and my husband doesn't can they take the money out of a joint checking account?

No. As long as you are filing for bankruptcy by yourself, your money with your husband will remain joint. Keep in mind that any debts you may share with your husband will remain with him as well.

How long can a Canadian citizen stay outside of Canada?

A Canadian citizen can be born outside of Canada, live his or her entire life outside of Canada, and still remain a Canadian citizen.

What percentage of women remain married to their cheating husbands?

There are no correct statistics to how many women remain married to cheating husbands for these reasons:Some women don't know their husbands are cheatingSome women will put up with a cheating husband and generally does not mention it to friends or familyThe two could have come to an amicable agreement where they both cheat

When a women husband dies do they go by Ms or Mrs?

when your husband dies you do not remain as MRS you change to ms or miss!

Does a marriage between a UK citizen and a South African have to last 5 years for her to become a resident of the UK?

If a foreign person marries a resident of the United Kingdom, the couple are required to remain married at least four years. After that period of time, if the foreign spouse is also able to pass the UK Citizenship Test, he or she will be given an indefinite leave to remain, and become a permanent citizen of the United Kingdom.

Can one party to divorce stop it?

No. In the United States you cannot force your spouse to remain married to you if they wish to dissolve the marriage.No. In the United States you cannot force your spouse to remain married to you if they wish to dissolve the marriage.No. In the United States you cannot force your spouse to remain married to you if they wish to dissolve the marriage.No. In the United States you cannot force your spouse to remain married to you if they wish to dissolve the marriage.