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This is a very informative website: Good Luck!

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Q: What should you do if your baby snapping turtle is only two inches long and is not eating?
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What should you do if your snapping turtle is not eating or moving?

You should not even own a snapping turtle but if you have special permission to own one that okay. Your turtle might be to cold so get it a heating lamp. If that does not work it is probably dead.

What organism is a snapping turtle?

It's a snapping turtle. Come on, you should know this!

Growth and development for a snapping turtle?

Should be 2 inches as a baby then 7 inches in 2 years. It will eventually get huge.

What is the length of the alligator snapping turtle?

5 inches

What do you do if your baby snapping turtle is not eating?

Take your baby snapping turtle to the vet. It might be sick and need some medicine. Good luck:)

Is my snapping turtle an alligator or common snapping turtle?

Common snapping turtle

How long is a snapping turtle?

They are often over 18 inches and can grow to be 30 inches.

What is the different in a snapping turtle and a reguler turtle?

a snapping turtle snaps a turtle doesent

How big are snapping turtles?

the average size of an alligator snapping turtle is 150 Lbs and 26 inches long.

Picture of snapping turtle?

this is a picture of a snapping turtle

Is there a turtle called a snapping turtle?

yes; there is also an alligator snapping turtle

What turtle is larger Florida Softshell turtle or Aligator snapping turtle?

aligator snapping turtle

What should you do when a snapping turtle attacks you?

find the nearest box turtle to attack it with

What is the phylum of a snapping turtle?

the phylum for the snapping turtle is Chordata

Is it good for a baby snapping turtle to be in water all day?

Most snapping turtles don't like to bask often, especially at a young age due to their vulnerability to predators in the wild. As long as the turtle is swimming normally, eating, and coming up for air it should be ok. A good site to find out more about snapping turtles is Austins Turtle Page.

What is the difference between a turtle and a snapping turtle?

A snapping turtle is a kind of turtle. There lots of different kinds of turtles. A snapping turtle is one of them. They snap, obviously. I really hope that helped

What is an alligator snapping turtle?

An alligator snapping turtle is a large freshwater turtle of the genus Macrochelys.

How do you identify a snapping turtle?

A snapping turtle is a species of turtle. There are two types: alligator snapping turtle and common snapping turtle. Both have an extremely tough jaw. They have longer tails than other turtles.

How can you tell a snapping turtle from a turtle?

the snapping turtle will run rateat you if you get to close and will most likely bite you.

Can asnapping turtle eat a snapping turtle?

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

When was Gulf snapping turtle created?

Gulf snapping turtle was created in 1994.

What is the most important thing that you should know about your painted turtle?

is to make sure its not a snapping turtle

How do you tell a female snapping turtle from a male?

The difference between a female snapping turtle and a male snapping turtle is the difference in their tales. Each snapping turtle has a small cirlce looking shape on theie tale. If it is a female snapping turtle, it's circle will be closer to the shell (or the butt) an if it is a male snapping turtle, the circle will not neccesarily be at the end of the tail, but it is certainly not near the shell (or butt). With most snapping turtles, it should be obvious, but with some, it is hard to tell, especially if their newborns (a week old or younger).

How long can a snapping turtle survive without water?

how long can a snapping turtle survive without water? how long can a snapping turtle survive without water?

Is there a species of turtle call alligator snapping turtle?

Yes, there is a species of an alligator snapping turtle. sammi was here!