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For starters, you said yourself that the emails were innocent - even by the standards of you - his girlfriend! I would think if he were cheating on you with any of these women, it would show up in his emails to them, but there really is only one way to find out and that is to ask him. But has he always been unaffectionate or is it only recent, if he has always been that way, that could just be his personality, if not then you need to ask him about the emails without sounding like you are accusing him or he will get defensive. Just tell him you found them, and watch his reaction, if he gets really nervous or immediatly starts trying to make excuses be suspicious, but if he seems calm then its more likely a trust issue with you. Try and ask yourself if you can trust him, because if you cant then this relationship is going to be very rocky - you need trust to build a strong relationship, perhaps you should give him the benefit of the doubt until any evidence appears if it does.

2006-09-10 13:18:31
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If you have a relationship with someone is it OK to have an Internet relationship?

no its not it is still classed as cheating if your real life boyfriend meant alot to you and gave you everything you needed, you wouldn't feel the need to have an internet boyfriend. Just think about it. Would you want them to do it to you ?

Can using the internet for a controlled assessment be cheating?

Yes, using the Internet for a controlled assessment can be cheating.

How do you prove that you are not cheating on your boyfriend?

Kiss him in front of everyone then smack all the other boys hard in the face. *EDIT You Shouldn't have to prove yourself. He should Believe You, Trust you enough to be able to take your word for it. Did you know, That if there is know apparent reason for him to bring it up that your cheating on him, that there could be a chance that he is Cheating on You? It was in some article on the internet. It's Because if your boyfriend is cheating on you, and you haven't realised, Then he thinks its so easy for you not to notice, then He thinks that you could be doing it on him. Ya Digg??

Is my boyfriend cheating when I accidentally read his text where this girl was asking for a dirty picture and my boyfriend asked why and at the end said he didn't mind one only?

Just because people are flirting on the Internet and they are already going with someone it is cheating. Your boyfriend has no right to be in touch with this girl. If you are wise you would confront him about this and let him know you accidentally saw the text and read it and you are not putting up with it. Ask him how he would like you doing the same to him.

Do you consider a guy is cheating on his wife if he's chatting with his friend through the Internet?

If cheating is truly not on someone's mind whether they contact their friend on the Internet; phone or meet somewhere then they should have no problem introducing their wife to their lady friend and letting his wife know that he is talking to her over the Internet. If a man has to ask 'is it cheating' then it probably is.

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How do you make your boyfriend stop talking to other girls on the internet?

YOU BREAKUP WITH HIM! a boyfriend worth your time, and that is all yours wouldn't talk to other girls on the internet!

What do i you do if i have a long distance relationship and have no way of seeing my boyfriend?

Use the internet. Or find another boyfriend.

Is internet chatting cheating?

Well for some people it may be, but for most people no.

Why cant your boyfriend find your g spot?

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Why is flirting on the Internet cheating?

Most individuals flirt to a degree, but when someone flirts for example on the Internet they know they are on dangerous ground and therefore they are more than likely looking for someone to correspond with so yes, flirting and take that Internet relationship to another level and is still classified as cheating. If it weren't and you loved the one you're with then there would be no need to flirt on the Internet.

What am I supposed to do when I catch my husband looking at women on the internet?

Most men are drawn to looking at other women (pornographic) and the best thing you can do is completely ignore it. Your husband has a right to his privacy as you do yours and as long as he is not cheating then looking at a few picture of women on the Internet is fairly innocent. If he is on the Internet doing this more than he is with you then there is a problem. Many women feel because their spouse do this that their spouse is no longer interested in them, but it's simply curiosity or an arousal method for masturbation.* The best thing! I don't think so! yes a lot of men are drawn to lustful thinking and acts (pornographic) this is unhealthy for a relationship and marriage. You don't want to ignore it. he does not have the right to privacy. You are in a marriage a marriage is to be open and honest with one another. looking at other women or pornographic is cheating. thinking of it is cheating. it is not innocent. this only leads mean to committing the act. I would sit down with your husband and tell him how you feel. if it does not stop I would see a marriage counselor.

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