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why not get revenge? it might still feel terrible but imagine his face when he see's you wearing another guy's football jersey! payback! he might then realise that he still really likes you and realises what he is missing!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-10 00:24:02
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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend is cheating on you with a girl and you saw her wearing his football jersey before you got on the bus and you still like him?
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What should you do if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you?

dump that m o f o before he dumps you

Why did my boyfriend ask your friend for her number if he dont even have your number?

Hes cheating on you trust me that happen to me before

Did your boyfriend cheated?

Every boyfriend cheated.Yeah my boyfriend was cheating on me and we didn't break up but guess what? I do the same to him and when I return this favour to him he ask for forgiveness and he regret what he did before because he knew that I wouldn't do this to him if he didn't do it first so yeah if your boyfriend is cheating on you secretly but you know about it,why not do the same thing to him and don't hide it just do it right in front of him..

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Humans dream every half hour to release the body from the days stress and the dreams one remembers are just a few seconds before the person is totally out of REM sleep (deep sleep.) The subconscious can often be the cause of a strange dream such as you dreaming your boyfriend is cheating because you could have heard one of your girlfriends mention her boyfriend was cheating; you could have seen a scene in a movie where someone was cheating or, you have been stressed out wondering if he really is cheating. So dreams cannot always be counted on. If your boyfriend is good to you and spends most of his time with you then it is highly unlikely he is cheating on you.

Should you stay with your boyfriend if hes cheating?

Only if you have proof. Maybe its a friend you may be mistaking and I have done that before.

What you do if your boyfriend is cheating on you and your in the eighth grade?

You have to be sure about that first. If you are sure that he is cheating, dump him before he does.

What do you do if everybody is telling you that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

i'll just keep my mouth shut. Unless If I see before he makes fraud.

What does it mean if your boyfriend tells you to go out with other men?

it means that hes been cheating on you even before you guys were official

Who has a boyfriend who is cheating?

Almost every girl has had a boyfriend who has cheated on them before. Then the boy lies and tells the girl how he loves her 'sooo much'. WHEN HE DOESN'T! Bottom line... You can't trust boys... Then don't mean what they say! Sandra Bullock's husband was cheating on her with a blond stripper with lots of tattoos.

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend cheating on you?

* Don't second guess your relationship. You could have been hurt before and are afraid your boyfriend will cheat on you and this stress causes you to dream about it. If you are concerned then communicate with your boyfriend and ask him right out if he is cheating. If he looks uncomfortable; shifts from foot to foot; gets red in the face; won't look you in the eyes; goes into another room or slams out the door then you have something to worry about.

What are the signs that your boyfriend isn't cheating on you?

u will no ur boyfriend is cheating on u if u find out he's not hanging around more often,he stop picking ur calls ,he DUMPS U 4 A NOTHER out oh and if u catch him doing a least 2 of them dump him before he dumps u....

Is it cheating if you change your answer just before it is marked?

Well It depends. If you change it after the teacher has taken it but before she marked it, that is cheating. But on the other hand if you change it before the teacher collects it, it is not cheating.

What to do when your friend says your boyfriend is cheating?

if you trust them enough then u would dump him like rotten lemons and relie on someone else before he gets you in bed!

How should a sincere woman or girl respond when she becomes a prey of cheating husband or boyfriend?

Do not think twice before ending the relationship. He does not deserves love from you or anyone.

If a husband does not wear his briefs in the winter time is this a sign of cheating?

This doesn't seem like a clear sign of cheating. Did you ask your husband why he's not wearing his briefs (or has switched to boxers)? I would ask him in a non-attacking manner to see what he says before jumping to conclusions...are there other things that make you think he is cheating?

Is your boyfriend cheating he not let you give him love bite but few weeks ago didnt mind he also goes home early at night after a few hours?

I suppose he could be cheating or he could be working very hard or he could be growing weary of your relationship. Try to find out which before accusing him of cheating.

Is it cheating when your boyfriend emails an old female friend from school but you aren't sure?

No, it is not always cheating if a boyfriend emails an old female friend from school. Long before he met you he probably had female and male friends. Good communication skills are needed here and you can never start too early. You should let your boyfriend know how you feel about it. If you were smart you would tell him to have her met you and him at a restaurant to catch up on old times.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is texting an ex lover all the time?

Its hard to say.. the most obvious answer is that he is cheating. But before you jump to conculsions maybe you should talk to him about it.. maybe he is just talking to her.

Does giving your boyfriend a second chance make you weak?

That would depend on what ended the first chance. If it was cheating, do some serious evaluating of his ability to be honest before considering a second chance.

When my boyfriend is on a trip and he barely sms me what does this mean?

It could mean a lot, and it could be nothing at all. If the boyfriend has a busy schedule (due to work or appointments) then it's nothing to be concerned about; it's always best to evaluate the guys character before believing the guy to be cheating.

What is cheating.. My boyfriend thinks if you are not married and you have a long distance relationship that it is ok to have a friend that is a woman that he lives with?

In my opinion, it's not cheating unless there's intimacy between them: hand holding, kissing, having sex, etc. I've had female roommates before, and the relationship was completely platonic.

Why do you dream about cheating on your boyfriend?

Every human dreams every half hour, but remember few dreams and those they do remember is when they are out of REM sleep and seconds before they wake up. If humans didn't dream and release the tensions their body and mind go through day after day they would be driven mad. Some dreams such as cheating on one's boyfriend can be sparked from something they've read; saw on TV or perhaps a friend that is cheating on their boyfriend or wants to cheat on their boyfriend. Also, women do look at other men and perhaps fantasize about having an affair with a certain man and it's normal as long as one looks and doesn't touch. It's nothing to worry about.

Was football invented before baseball?

was football created before baseball

What football boots does nani wear?

Nani has wore Nike and Adidas boot. Before (2007) he used to wear Nike mercurial. Now he is wearing Adidas Predetor

If your boyfriend is really sorry he cheated on you should you forgive him?

If you believe your boyfriend has never cheated before then realize people are just human and make mistakes which hopefully they learn from and if you feel he is honest then give him another chance, but make it plain to him if you catch him cheating again your relationship is over.