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A man doesn't just end a relationship for no reason. There is always a reason. Beg him to go to counceling with you. If he refuses, there must be another woman involved and you know it is over. In that case, be sure he still takes his share of responsibility of the child. He needs to pay child support and spend time with the child. Your boyfriend broke up with you. But he wants to be your friend instead of your boyfriend. Maybe you can call him and work something out. I wish you luck.

2006-07-19 21:55:24
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What is the difference between suddenly and immediately?

immediatly means as soon as, and suddenly means without our knowledge....

How do you know that your boyfriend really down like you?

How much time you spend together without sex or just talking about things besides.

Should you be mad if your boyfriend has the opportunity to live down the shore without you for three months?

Well what is he moving there to do? And how long have u been together?

What does it mean when a dude and a girl act like boyfriend and girlfriend but aren't in a relationship?

they are together without a label because one of them is scared of commitment

How do you tell a guy his girl cheating on him with out hurting him?

there is no way of telling him without him getting hurt but words from somebody that told a friend her boyfriend was cheating on her she got mad at me and i lost my friend and they are still together there is no way of telling him without him getting hurt but words from somebody that told a friend her boyfriend was cheating on her she got mad at me and i lost my friend and they are still together

Is Selena Gomez and David Henrie boyfriend and girlfriend?

no Selena gomes is not dating david Henrie they are simply costars and friends two people can hang out and work together without being called boyfriend and girlfriend

Why does my boyfriend always get mad at me?

It would be hard to say why your boyfriend is always gets mad at you without knowing the situation. It could be because he is jealous, you are spending too much time together, or he may have lost interest in your relationship.

How do you ask your boyfriend if he likes another girl WITHOUT pissing him off?

To ask you boyfriend if he like another girl is very difficult. You can ask in a hypothetical way, for example, if we werenÕt together or if I didnÕt exist would you like this person.

What does abruptly mean?

It means suddenly, unexpectedly or without warning. Also can mean in a callous manner.Abruptly means suddenly with no warning.

If you find yourself suddenly without headlights slam on your brakes?


How can you get a boyfriend without talking to them?

Well, You can't.

How does a women live without a boyfriend?


What should you do you were going around with your boyfriend for 4 years and suddenly you married some other guy because of your parents wishes now you miss him n he also can't stay without you?

marrying someone to please your parents is a horrible mistake.

What do you say when a guy says what's a cute thing like you doing without a boyfriend?

when a guy says whats a cute thing like you doing without a boyfriend means that he wants to be your boyfriend or that you should get one

Another word for suddenly?

suddenly (adv) abruptly, unexpectedly, rapidly, swiftly, all of a sudden, out of the blue, without warning, quickly, speedily, precipitously

What is the sentence of temperamental?

The bulldog proved to be temperamental when it suddenly nipped me, without warning.

Would you let your boyfriend go to world cup without you?

Aw hell to the no a boyfriend should be there no matter what

How do you find out if a girl has a boyfriend without talkin to her?

Get your friends to ask her without using your name.

How do you get a boyfriend without your parents knowing about it?

Don't tell them.

Should you be mad at your boyfriend if he goes to a party without you?


How do you get a guy to yourself if he has as a girlfriend without hurting the other girl?

It is unlikely that you can take another girl's boyfriend away from her without hurting her. In theory, the way to do it would be to find another guy that this girl will like even more than her current boyfriend whom you wish to have for yourself, and arrange for them to get together. But such manipulations are very difficult to accomplish. You would be better off finding a different boyfriend for yourself, who is available and has no previous commitment.

What shouldyou do if your boyfriend dont talk to you?

Get a new boyfriend! Relationships are built on communications and trust, without those, there is no future.

How to get a boyfriend on Poptropica without asking?

I think the only way to get a boyfriend on poptropica is to make friends with the avater and meat the guy that play's him and tell him to be your boyfriend on poptropica.Melody

What does it mean to materialize?

When something materialises it appears suddenly without seeming to come from anywhere.

What does the word imptomptu mean?

Something that is done suddenly without any prior preparation.