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What should you do if your boyrfiend loves you and when you are together it is great but lately if you have just a small argument he changes drastically and doesn't answer your calls?



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Dear Reader; Anger is an emotional tool for dealing with irritants and problems which can be used properly. Inordinate anger and shutting down are tell-tail signs of issues which need attention. Two things come to mind to look for; one is life controlling issues in the form of addictions and the other is some incident between the two of you which he is feeling guilty about. Dwight It's a manipulation tool that many use to control their spouse/significant others. The bad news is, it will only get worse as he becomes more comfortable in the relationship. Unfortunately that is how many abusive relationships progress. Be careful. If it starts to become physically or mentally abusive, leave. That's advice I would give anyone who is having problems of manipulation in a relationship. ==Ignore him== Ignore his calls. Hes not worth it. Hes playing head games and no man is worth that pain.