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take it to the vet!! You should call the vet and ask this question. That said, the reaction you describe doesn't sound deadly. The typical answers are your dog's Allergies have kicked in, another non-allergenic irritant has hit your dog in the eyes, or an opportunisitic bacterium has found a home and is causing a serious case of conjunctivitus. The question for home treatment is: # Do we go with topical steriods which till address the allergic and hypo-allergenic problems, but may injure the dogs sight (as roids sometimes can do), and if it's an infection, this will reduce your dog's immune system just when it's needed most or... # Go with a topical OTC antibiotic cream which may (or not) address the infection, may damage the eyes, and will have no effect whatsoever on an allergic reaction or irritation or... # Get the dog to someone who knows what they're doing and has the equiipment and the talent to run tests that will identify this problem and allow for a specific treatment. Clearly, #3 is the answer. Hie thee to a vet forthwith! :}

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Why does your dog have a swollen itchy nostril?

You should take your dog to a vet

What do if your dog is stung by a wasp and is itchy?

Usually the face is swollen you should take your dog to the vet immanently and the vet will give you dog a injection and in 2 to 4 hours it should be ok after the dog may be very itchy.

Why is your dog itchy with swollen ears and a rash mostly on the belly?

it could be distemper

Why a female dog has itchy swollen nipples teats?

How do you know they're itch

What is my dog has Swollen eyes and is hot?

he can't breathe.

What should you do if your dog has swollen eyes and is sneezing?

TO THE VET! Dogs get allergies as well as humans. Needs to go to the Vet!

If your dog has an ear infection could it cause his eyes to be swollen and also the side of his face?

If your dog has an ear infection it definitely could cause his eyes to be swollen. Infections can travel if not treated.

What can you give to a dog if eyes and mouth is swallen?

its swollen you take them to the vet

What kind of reactions can a human get from a shedding dog?

Common reactions include sneezing, itchy and/or watery eyes, runny nose and congestion. More extreme reactions can include rashes and difficulty breathing (from swollen airways).

What is wrong with a dog that has swollen eyes and mouth?

It might be an infection, or an allergic reaction to something. Your best bet is to take it to the vet.

Your rotties eye is a little swollen at the bottom what could it be and how do you fix it?

Take your dog to a vet to see what is wrong with your dogs eyes.

Who should you go to to see whether you are allergic do dogs?

You might think you have a dog allergy if you get red and itchy eyes, a runny nose, or find yourself sneezing when you are around dogs. An allergist can properly diagnose a dog allergy by doing a skin or a blood test.

Is there any over the counter medicine for your dog who just got bit and his eyes are swollen shut?

Your dog has an allergic reaction and yes there is, but you'd have to explain it to a pharmacist. Eyes are nothing to play around with in humans or pets, so it's best to take your dog to a vet.

Your dogs eye is all red and swollen dose he have an eye infection?

It may mean allergies. My uncles dog has red eyes that start tearing. The dog is allegic to grass.

My dog has a red blood bubble and has a swollen leg?

my dog is 16 has a swollen upper thigh full of blood what is it

Can a dog have human Benadryl?

Yes Benedryl is safe for dogs. You can give your dog Benedryl for allergies. This would be if your dogs is constantly chewing its paws or if their eyes are itchy, runny, or puffy. Talk with your vet about specific dosing instructions for your dog.

Venous vein in dogs foot vein is swollen what should be done?

Take the dog to the vet admittedly!

What to do when your dog is swollen?

Learn to spell!

What to do for a dog with a swollen leg?

Ice it.

Your dog has swollen eyes and is shaking what do you do and what is it?

Take the dog to the nearest veterinarian without delay. Although there are a number of reasons that dogs may appear to have swollen eyes or to shake, the symptoms described are most consistent with those of an allergic reaction (to an insect bite/sting/other). Severe allergic reactions can be fatal and can develop very quickly. Your veterinarian can provide appropriate diagnostics and treatment.

Are giant schnauzers eyes always blue?

Of course not ! If this is a pure breed dog then their eyes should be green or blue it depends on the mother/father of the dog.........

What causes a dog to have a swollen vulva?

The vulva on a dog swells when they are in heat.

Why does your dog suddenly have a swollen neck?

There are several reasons why your dog may have a swollen neck. Common reasons for a canine to develop a swollen neck include allergies, swollen glands, sinus infection, or thyroid condition. Your vet will need to assess the overall condition of the dog to determine the exact reason for this occurrence.

What should you do if your dog has a swollen watering eye?

Contact your vet. It could be an infection and may need immediate attention.

Why is your dog so restless and itchy?

Check him for fleas.

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