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What should you do if your dog has itchy and swollen eyes?



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take it to the vet!! You should call the vet and ask this question. That said, the reaction you describe doesn't sound deadly. The typical answers are your dog's allergies have kicked in, another non-allergenic irritant has hit your dog in the eyes, or an opportunisitic bacterium has found a home and is causing a serious case of conjunctivitus. The question for home treatment is: # Do we go with topical steriods which till address the allergic and hypo-allergenic problems, but may injure the dogs sight (as roids sometimes can do), and if it's an infection, this will reduce your dog's immune system just when it's needed most or... # Go with a topical OTC antibiotic cream which may (or not) address the infection, may damage the eyes, and will have no effect whatsoever on an allergic reaction or irritation or... # Get the dog to someone who knows what they're doing and has the equiipment and the talent to run tests that will identify this problem and allow for a specific treatment. Clearly, #3 is the answer. Hie thee to a vet forthwith! :}