What should you do if your ex still likes you but he has a girlfriend?

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Tell him to get lost, you two had your chance, but you chose to leave each other.tell his current girlfriend
He's your ex for a reason. Stay away.
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How can you know if your ex still likes you if he has a girlfriend?

If your ex boyfriend has a girlfriend then he's over you and he found someone better. It doesn't take that long for guys to get over girls. So get over it and move on ... some

What should you do or say when your girlfriend still loves you but still likes her ex?

You're allowing her to use you! Breakup with her and tell her when she decides who she wants to be this to give you a call. It's difficult to do this, but by staying with her

Your ex still like you what should you do?

Like them back. Remember, love is a combination of a whole lot of other emotions, and liking is just one of them.. LOVE = like, understand, care, respect, honor, trust, estee

How do you know your ex girlfriend still likes you?

If you are still friends (pleasant with one another etc.) then there's your answer. If she won't speak to you or wants to try to hurt your feelings in other ways, well there's

How do you know if an ex girlfriend still likes you?

You know that your ex girlfriend still likes you if she asks her friends to ask you if you still like her or miss her, she flaunts her current boyfriend if she has one, and sh
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What if your ex likes you still but has a girlfriend?

It depends how you feel about them. If you like them and want to be together then it will happen. If you font want to be with him then just let him like you. You don't want to
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What do you buy for your ex girlfriend that you still like?

Nothing pricey or jewelry, it gives off the wrong impression unless she likes you back. Get something simple like a card or just take her out for a drink and hang out as frien