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i have the same thing i think i should just run away from these horrible people

I have the same problem, if you care for the persom and your family cares for your happiness than make them bend. All that matters in a relationship is what you think of the person, of course it is much easier on everyone when the whole group gets along but its your future not theres, and you dont want to throw something away you love because it doesnt meet up to someone else's standards hope that helps

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โˆ™ 2008-10-02 17:44:01
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Q: What should you do if your family hates the person you are with?
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What should I do when a boy I love hates me?

The best thing to do if the boy you love, hates you is to find a new person to love.

What do you do if you fell in love him the guy that your family hates?

Your family should support you in everything you do. This sounds like Romeo and Juliet.

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two words las vagas

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The only people who matter in the relationship are you and him. If his family hates you, talk to them and find out why. Maybe you can work out the problem.

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You will have to go to family court if your girlfriend is allowing her family to manipulate her into keeping your child from you.

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