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I would just talk to your friend about it and just have both of you go for two different guys. When you talk make sure you and/or your friend don't go behind each other's back and start flirting. Carnal sin of friendshiP! plz don't spoil your friendship for lil thing like fighting over a guy immatures Ask the guy who he wants to date. Answer If you're young, you don't have to date yet. Both of you don't flirt or ask the guy out. By the time you should date, you probably won't like him anyway, or at least one might not. If you date anyway, then talk to each other and come to an agreement. Don't ruin your friendship over some guy. Friendships (should) last, boyfriends most likely won't.

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Q: What should you do if your friend and you want to date the same guy?
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What amount of trust one should give to his friend?

The same trust you want to get from your friend.

What do friends mean to you?

if your friend really likes you then you should feel the same way and if your friend acts really mean to you he/she does not want to be your friend so you wouldn't want to be his/her friend.

What do I do if my friend says if I date the guy I want she will not be friend's with me anymore?

If you have a friend who is controlling who you date, you need to get rid of your friend.

What do you do if you want to go out with your friend but all your friends think the person is weird and they are friends with this person too?

It should not be your friends choice, if you love this friend you should date them.

What does it mean when a guy says you are someone that should be in the future with me?

it means that they want you to be more then a friend and that they like you and want to date u

You want to go out with your friend but she's not allowed to date what should you do?

If it was me, I would respect her/her parents wishes and wait until she wants to/can date you.

What do you do if your guy friend has a crush on you but you have a crush on his best friend?

If he ever asks you how you feel about him just tell him flat out, not in a mean way, but just say that you don't feel the same way. If you really like his friend you should talk to him and if you want to date him you should ask your friend if it would be alright to date him! Hope it helps! Also never give up a friend for a boyfriend and always be yourself never pretend to be someone your not!! <3

What should you do if you really like this guy and your best friend like him to?

You should talk about it with your best friend. You both should be able to date whoever you want!

What do you do if your friend wants you to dump your boy friend but you don't want to?

I'd say that your friend is as true of a friend as she says she is she will back off and let you date who you want to date.-also if that person has hurt her in anyway she will want to protect you so talk to her

Do you date your best friend's friend?

Yes, but you may damage your friendship with your best friend.Elaboration:This is a tricky issue, and the answer will be different in each situation. Before you date this person you should check with your friend to make sure they don't already have feelings for them, and if your friend does then you should not date them, unless you want to lose a friend. Even if your friend doesn't like this person, you should still ask them if the two of you dating would make things awkward between them, and if they would mind you dating them. Talk it over, and if your friend decides they don't want you to date their friend then respect their wishes. If they don't have a problem with it, however, go for it!

Should you date a friends ex?

That would depend on how you both feel and if you want to then that would be up to you but normally when that happens your friend tends to no longer want to be your friend so you might have to choose who matters to you more, your friend or the guy.

Is it right for your friend to date your ex?

A friend ex boyfriend should always be off limits, but when you really think about it. If you were a true friend all you would want is for your friend to be happy and if the girl or boy, who is your ex, makes your friend happy then you should wish her all the luck!

Why do guys want to know more about you when they can't date you?

They want to be your friend

I like my best friend and he likes me too but he wants to wait to date me what should i do?

If yall are bestfriend and yall want to start dating it kinda hard for him because he probably don't want to lose you as a friend.

If you aks a the best friend of a girl you want to date whether or not she likes you and she says no should you move on or ask the girl who you want to date?

i think either would work but when i asked i got a punch in he crotch:)

How should you tell your new girl friend that you want to be more than just friends?

Ask her out on a date! She'll get the message!

What should you do as ive liked him for three years and he is a such a close friend and i dont want to lose him as a friend or if it turns out to be more?

date him so ur relationship can b on track

Your friend shaved his armpits and wants you to do the same Should you?

Absolutely, do it; you will never know if you like something until you try it. Just because it is what your friend wants to do doesn't mean that you should too. Why does he want you to do it? You should do it only if you really want to and not because somebody asks you to.

What should you do if you like a girl who's a friend and you don't want to ruin the relationship?

find out if she feels the same

Should you tell your friend you really like their ex when they still love them?

Well probably not, if you want to date their ex i would talk to them about it

Should you date your best friends ex-boyfriend?

You might want to get permission from your friend first; but remember she will always come first.

My friend is mad at me for starting to like the same music as them?

If your friend is mad at you for liking the same music, you should consider whether you need to be friends with them. They sound very immature as to not want to share their interests.

My best friend is dating my other best friends ex boyfriend behind her back what should I do because if someone did the same to me I would want someone to tell me?

You should talk to your friend who is dating the other friend's ex about telling her. If she refuses and continues to see the ex, you might want to evaluate her interpretation of friendship and what kind of friend she is. Based on that, you may want to tell the friend yourself if the other refuses.

What do you do if your friend doesnt want to be your friend but wont tell you why?

I should never force her to be my friend. If she doesn't want to be my friend then why should I bother about her and force her to become my friend. There are millions of people in this world who know the importance of friendship.

If a girl asks you out on a date does that mean she want to be your girlfriend or friend?

If she uses the word date, then your girlfriend.