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smile and wave SMILE AND WAVE!!

Well they must have broke up for a reason. She chose you over him so you must be doing something right. Try not to worry about it too much.

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Q: What should you do if your gf wants to be friends with her ex and they were friends before their relationship and have always been friends after but you know too much and have been compaired to the ex?
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What should you do if you are very good friends with someone and you have always wanted to be with him but have no sexual feelings for him but he wants a physical relationship?

You should not engage in any physical relationship at all. Your good friends and if you do not feel the same way in that respect then he should respect that. Keep you friendship before creating a shipwreck.

Do friends come before a relationship?

if you have known them for years then for my opion yes

Are Joe Jonas and demo lovata is dating or is they had a relationship before?

NO!!!! They are just friends.

What was Cassio's relationship with Othello before the beginning of the play?

Cassio and Othello were very close friends before the play.

Does staying friends with an ex work?

NO. Trust me when I say this. I tried being friends with my ex (we were good friends before the relationship), but it never worked out. We eventually got back into a relationship and it just didn't work that way either. Save yourself the hurt, and don't try to be friends with them.

Can you still be friends with ex boyfriend and still be in a relationship?

It depends of the relationship you had before you broke up. If the relationship was more of a friendly relationship rather than a romantic one, dating other people while being friends is an option. It mostly depends on if both partners from the previous relationship have moved on from the relationship and hold no romantic or hurt feelings.

What does it mean if a guy wants to be friends before having a relationship?

It means he's testing the waters--seeing if you're the kind of person he wants to be in a relationship with.

How can you stop being nervous when you see ex?

Think about how you were before you were seeing each other and how you weren't nervous. I was friends with someone for two years before i started seeing them ... since we've finished, there have always been little awkward moments but i just think about what he was like before the relationship and we get on fine.

What are the pros and cons of good friendship in a relationship?

Assuming you mean they were good friends before getting into the relationship and still good friends during the relationship I'd say.. Pros: -Since you're good friends, chances of disliking each other after the breakup is more slim. -You know each other well and are able to understand each other -You can hang around eachother easily and have fun without having to turn it all affectionate (this is good for when you're around other people) -The relationship will likely last longer because you were friends to start out with and you have a pretty good idea of what you're getting yourself into before dating the other person Cons: -If somehow the relationship does end on a bad note, (though it unlikely would) you have lost a friend and a boyfriend/girlfriend so basically a pretty big part of your life at the moment -Being friends before the relationship means you started off on just a friendly note. This can be either good or bad. It could mean the sparks werent always there, so they may fade more quickly OR it can be good because you guys got to know eachother as friends before starting a relationship which is always a good thing. But maybe despite being friends the whole time the sparks were always there ;) -I cant really think of many other cons, it's really good to incorporate a stable, good friendship in a relationship

Can you team up with your friends in Eliminate pro?

If you go to co-op so yes you can team up with friends but always remember that battle drones hunt in groups so always be with your friends and always get your items gear up. Always get your armor and weapons equipped and make sure that you, your weapons and friends are ready to hunt down battle drones before battle drones hunt you and your friends down.

What should you do before you get involved in a relationship?

Find out as much as you can about the person before you allow yourself to get emotionally involved with him/her. Some relationships are better off as just friends instead of intimate deeply personal friends.

Why does the beginning of most if not all relationships begin in the guy blowing a bunch of cash on the first date?

Actually it doesn't always happen that way, if you and your girl were friends before the relationship then it can start with a simple hangout at one of their houses.

Do you have to have a relationship with your parents before you have a relationship with someone else?

it is always better to have a relationship with your parents be4 someone else ypur parents are the people you can look up to when he/she breaks your heart :DDD

What should i you do if i want to approach a guy i like but he is always with his friends?

be funny and be friends with is friends. I've been in that problem before, just don't embarrass him or be better then him guys hate that

Family is important because?

family is important because they will always be there for you no matter what happens. You may think that your friends will be there before your family but the truth is that your family is always by your side. (In some cases many people have a very close friend who is like a brother or sister to them this is one of the nly exceptions.) Family always comes before friends.

How fast does a relationship need to go?

This depends upon how comfortable the two are in the relationship, their past (e.g. how long have they been friends before the relationship started), and what the relationship means to them.

My love is 8years old and i am 8 and we are friends how do i tell her that i lone her if she says no then i stile wan't to be friends?

Just be your self and ask her I have done this before and we always stay really good friends

How do you define an everlasting relationship?

Consideration... Be considerate of each other and Think of them them and their needs before your own. Think of your partners feelings and how they are affected by what you say, I had that kind of relationship and we never once had even one mean word between us, we adored each other. We were best friends.... We were soul mates... My darling husband passed away last month. My advice is to be best friends first and be considerate always.

Can your ex boyfriend still like you?

of course. he will always probably like you in some way if you had a serious relationship before.

How do you move a relationship forward?

Answer Slowly at first don't rush the woman or man and always consider their needs before considering your own, and before you know it, you will have a relationship that you always wanted to have. When two parties of the opposite sex take each other into consideration, everything else falls into place.

Is erika cartagena friends with Justin bieber?

yes she is.they have known eachotheir way before Justin was famous.i believe that had a secret relationship during time.all in all they are great friends.

How do i break up your friends relationship?

To break up a friends relationship first off isn't the best thing to do considering they are your friend but if you don't want to be their friend then keep reading. To do it is very simple. Say to each of the people in the relationship that the other is going to break up with them so that they will break up with that person before. another way is to flirt with your friends other to win them over. I hope this was a help~!

What was Selena Gomez's life before she was famous?

She played on Barney And Friends and always watched her mom play in performances

Why do man still speak to his cheating ex-wife?

ANSWER: Not because this couples are not together anymore, it doesn't mean they can't be friends anymore. No matter what happen to their relationship, always remember before the marriage end, they shared history together for years.

I have a really close guy friend whom I've liked for almost a year How can i get him to like me back?

Since you are friends you already like each other in that aspect. Many friends who have had a good friendship have turned into more, a romantic relationship. The easiest way to do this is to talk to your friend alone and say you have feelings for them that go beyond just friends and that you wonder if they would ever be interested in a relationship. Hopefully this isn't hard since you are already friends and communication isn't something that is too challenging. Turning a friendship into an actual romantic relationship is something you always want to give some thought to before attempting it. Would your friendship be ruined if you couldn't work it out? If you do start a relationship with your friend, this is something you should talk about. Good luck!

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