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It depends on what the problem is. If you are both minors or if his parents want him to get a good education they don't want him ruining it by getting too serious over a girl or getting married, parents always watch out for their children. If it's possible, I would contact your boyfriend, then go and visit his parents and let them get to know you a little. If you are mature for your age and trying to improve your own education then you might stand a chance with his parents. Be ready for the questions "what do you want to do for the rest of your life?" That's a rather blunt way of telling you, but no matter how they put it, that's what they want to know. If this doesn't work and your boyfriend just can't seem to choose between his parents and you, then you are going to have to realize that he doesn't love you enough to stand up for what he believes in. Perhaps he's not being honest with himself or you, and he really does want his education and a good career before settling down. That's something you are going to have to ask him. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do if your guy is torn between you and his parents?
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