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Sit down and try and remember how you felt when he left you, and how you felt while you two were together. If you were happy then maybe consider taking him make, but if he made you miserable or abused you in anyway, then you have been given the chance to escape, and there is no point in not taking it. If this man has left you once, would he leave you again? How do you feel about him? Can you imagine spending forever with him, and does it make you happy thinking about that? Hope this helps. If your husband is abusive, tell him to leave...forever.Tell yourself to seek council & read everthing possible about abuse in order grow out of disfunction.

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Q: What should you do if your husband left you for six months but now wants you back?
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He has demonstrated that you can't trust him. If that kind of behavior is acceptable to you, go ahead and stay with him. But the simple, sad truth is, he will do it again.

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Unless it is a cultural issue and the parents have the say, even most young people of different countries have become Westernized and therefore your husband should stand up for himself and decide if he wants to come back to you or not and you should ask him for that decision soon or you are filing for divorce.

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What do you think.

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What happens if the husband wants to come back to the wife?

ANSWER:If your husband want to come back, its time for you to really talk to him. He needs to know what he done to you. He also needs to realize that your trust is gone and if he wants to come back, he have a lot of things to prove to you. Sweetie you need to think about you this time, and be very careful for your own good.. Your life with him will never be the same anymore..

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If he truly wants you back, then of course!

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Talk to her about it. See what she wants and if she still wants to go out with you. If she wants to break up then at least you know you did what was best and can move on faster.

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