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What should you do if your husband used to tell you what you mean to him but for the past year he never asks for sex or seems to want it but he's up for hours looking at nude women online?


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June 11, 2010 2:42AM

Have you talked to him about it? If not, then you should. It could mean anything. The First thing that would come to a woman's mind is "is he cheating!?" But sometimes a girl is just assuming. Find a way to ask him. If he doesn't like to talk, then make sure you tell him how important it is for you to talk with him.


I agree that you should talk to him about your concerns, but I am not so sure I agree with the previous answer that he is cheating. While cheating is a possibility, the idea that he is choosing to look at porn online rather than have sex could suggest a little sexual frustration.

Men in general, but not all men, do not make a point of verbalizing feelings unless they have some reason to do so. This could be a reason for him no longer telling you what you mean to him, or he just simply has gotten comfortable enough in the relationship that he now believes it to be just understood. Though, he may be feeling like 'What's the point? She is never in the mood anyway.' I am not saying it is your fault, but with such little information to base an answer all I can do is cover some of the possibilities.

Basically, it sounds like the two of you really need to sit down and talk, but don't make any accusations or guesses into what he is feeling, that would most likely just cause him to clam up.