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What should you do if your husband will not allow you to file a tax return?

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2011-09-13 13:06:45

It is a federal offence not to file your taxes. Is he trying to

land you in jail? Is he willing to pay a hefty fine for you not

filing. Did you know that you can file separately and it will not

affect him. The only difference with a joint filing is a bigger

return ( if your combined monies put you in that tax bracket) Next,

he won"t let you vote.

Is he afraid of declaring "hidden" money? Everyone that works

and has a s.i.n. # that is of legal age must file. Also, if you

din"t file you can be losing out on many many benefits the

Government might be able to offer you. ( Day care ect ect)


Married couples are not required to file jointly and there is no

longer a penalty assessed for married couples filing single.

IRS and state tax authorities allow a spouse to enter an

"innocent spousal" defense when it is applicable.

In this case, if the wife does not have a taxable income she

would not be charged with tax evasion due to the fact that her

husband refused to file.

If she does have an income and does not file her own return then

she is guilty of tax evasion and an innocent spouse defense would

not be valid.

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