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My mother hates me because I sold my Phone. She thinks I'm lying I don't noe What To Do?

AnswerHate is a harsh word and these are reasons to believe your mother hates you or not:

Punches, kicks, curses, doesn't feed you, doesn't provide a roof over your head, your mother does drugs and has strange people over to names a few.

IT IS NOT HATE if your mother nags at you to do you homework on time; is worried about the type of friends you hang around with; worries that you will get pregnant (or if a guy, get a girl pregnant); sets a curfew for you to be home at a certain time and expects you to to do chores around the house and also expects you to have some decent manners.

Now you decide if your mom is the wicked witch of the West!

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What if your 12 and your mother hates you?

Why do you think your mother hates you?If you feel you are being abused, call 911 or your local police department.You can also confide in a teacher, school counselor or principal.No child should feel their mother hates them so see if you can get some help right away.

Mother who hates her children is called?

Child hater, mean, not cool, bad mom ect.

What does it mean when a boy hates you?

.....he hates you.

What do you do if your girlfriend's mother hates you?

dump her

What does it mean when an owl flies right towards your windshield?

That it hates you and you should duck!

What does it mean when your ex says she hates you?

she hates you

What does it mean when a boy says he hates you?

he hates you

What does it mean when a boy looks at you?

He hates you. that is not true that he hates you he mabe likes you

How do you put a bra on?

well you should ask your mother for help and if she is a mother that really hates you and wont help you pee on her and say BUY ME A BIGGER BRA TO MAKE MY BOOBS LOOK BIG!!

If a guy denies your Facebook request and he knows who you are does it mean he hates you?

No, it does not mean he hates you. He simply does not want to be friends with you on Facebook.

What should you do if your dad hates you and your mom but likes your sisters?

you should love them because if they hates you should love him back

How do you know that he hates me?

He's mean to you!

What does it mean if you text a boy and they say something mean to you?

He hates you

What happens if your mother hates you?

I dont really know but this is what should happen If your mother hates you.... -you watch TV and see the deppersion commericals and say is that me? -Always act quiet and a mystery -attempts of sucide or thinking about sucide -dont care about anything -not wanting to have friends anymore -writing things in your journal -your mom doesnt talk to you - she always says that she hates you -she yells at you for no reason - your mother abuses you -you sit at school not wantting to go back home -attempts of running away etc.... sometimes it gets worse hope this helps!!!! :)

What was the name Of Chris' mother in the series Everybody Hates Chris?


What is chris' mother called in everybody hates chris?

Her name is Rochelle

What situation causes anne to flare up at her mother of anne frank?

she hates her

What is the name of Chris' mother in Everybody Hates Chris?


What colour jumper does Ron Weasley get from his mother every Christmas?

Maroon, which he hates.

What does it mean when your boyfriend ingnores you?

He hates your spelling

What does nth mean in texting language?

not the hates

What should you do if you are 13 and you hate your mother?

Try living in foster care your entire life, not having a mother. Or your mother dies and you are left to someone who does not care anything for you. She probably hates you too and would like to probably get a child that stuck in foster care. She knows they will love her.

What does it mean if your friend overhears a shy guy say that he hates your guts?

he hates ur guts :( sorryy

You really like this guy but you know he hates you what should you do?

if you know the guy hates you then you should leave it alone , trust me if its meant to be it will work out as corny as that sounds...-summerI agree, and why would you even want a guy that hates you?

What should you do if your stepson hates you?

you need to talk.

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