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My mother hates me because I sold my Phone. She thinks I'm lying I don't noe What To Do?

AnswerHate is a harsh word and these are reasons to believe your mother hates you or not:

Punches, kicks, curses, doesn't feed you, doesn't provide a roof over your head, your mother does drugs and has strange people over to names a few.

IT IS NOT HATE if your mother nags at you to do you homework on time; is worried about the type of friends you hang around with; worries that you will get pregnant (or if a guy, get a girl pregnant); sets a curfew for you to be home at a certain time and expects you to to do chores around the house and also expects you to have some decent manners.

Now you decide if your mom is the wicked witch of the West!

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Q: What should you do if your mother hates you and is mean to you?
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