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If you have an in ground pool, in freezing weather, make sure you leave your on pump constantly to circulate the water, if not you could have damage to your pump, and breaking water pipes. The water might freeze on top of the pool, but underneath the water should still be circulating, if not find something to break the ice on top. Freezing pool water is normal. Unfortunately, dented sides and losing sand are not. You probably have a leak that is squirting the sand out, and sucking in the sides. or the cove failed. Either way, if it was professionally installed, they screwed up. I heard that if you filled about 5-6 liter bottles half way with sand and placed in your pool, the pool water would not freeze due to the bottles floating around and constantly breaking up the water so as not to freeze.

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Q: What should you do if your pool water freezes?
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If you lived in an area with very cold winters should water be kept in you outdoor pool all winter Why or why not?

No, water should not be kept in your pool all winter. When it gets cold enough, the water will freeze. When water freezes, it expands. So when the water in your pool freezes and expands your pool will be ruined.

Will water level drop as water freezes in pool?

Water expands as it freezes. Many people put inflatable devices in the pool before covering for the winter to give expanding ice somewhere to go instead of pushing outward on the pool.

What will happen if your pool pump freezes up?

If it freezes it can end up bursting and cause water to go into the ally way.

Why is there ice on top of your salt water pool?

Saltwater freezes too, just at a couple degrees lower than fresh water.

Why should you disassemble an above ground pool during winter?

Not all above ground pools have to be disassembled during winter, although it is a good idea to drain them. Water expands when it freezes, and if the water is trapped in a closed container or in a crack, the expansion can break the container or the material surrounding it. Pipes often break, when water inside them freezes.

Does water expand?

When it freezes.

What freezes faster hot water or cold water?

cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

Should a pool pump run on filter or circulation in freezing temperatures?

Normally the filtration equipment of a pool is drained to reduce the risk of water freezing in the equipment and wrecking it However of the water is not getting so cold that it freezes in the pipes you would be better of ruining it on filter You may as well keep the water as clean as possible

How should pool water be treated after finding a dead frog in the pool?

You should fill in the pool. A dead frog will ruin your pool forever.

Water does this when it freezes?

It floats when it freezes.

Do you still need to run your vacuum 8 hours a day if you are keeping the cover on and the pool is not in use?

if you have closed your pool down for the winter (i.e. winterized it) then no. you should have put in a good dose of chemicals & if you live in an area the freezes you should drain the pool an inch or two below the water jets so you won't be able to run the pump anyway

Where should hot water enter a pool to better heat the water?

on the side going into middle of pool

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