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Best thing is to LIST what is missing. Find some way to "prove/document" that you own such an item and maybe some witness/proof that is WAS in the car close to the time of repo. This gives you a businesslike basis to deal with the lender about 'finding" it. IF this doesnt get the PP returned promptly, CALL a local attorney. I say this because not ALL repo companys are totally honest and neither are ALL debtors. The most honest repo company employee can suddenly give in to the temptation to "hold back" something of some value while doing an inventory. Some debtors consider PP inventory "claims" the perfect place to get a down payment on their next car.

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Q: What should you do if your property is missing out of your vehicle when you pick it up?
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What are the debtor's legal rights under a vehicle repossession?

You have 45 days to pick up your property from the vehicle. That's it. They can tow from your home, work or anywhere else they may happen to find the vehicle.

What if you give the location of the car and they don't pick it up?

You are better off asking the lender or collection agency where to deliver the vehicle. If you abandon the vehicle on private property, no one will be able to enter onto the property without the private property owner's consent. And you risk having someone steal it, since you have to leave the key.

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Can a repo agent damage personal propery during a repo?

No, the repossession agency must return your personal property undamaged. Usually you have to go pick it up. If your property is damaged, the agency should have insurance.

What do you do if the lender refuses to pick up your car after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

There isn't much you CAN do to force the issue if the lender doesn't want the vehicle. You can try: dropping the car off at the lender's place of business with a note and mail them the keys; you can write a letter stating that if they do not pick up their property you will charge them $xxx.00/day storage fees. The first thing you should do though is write a letter (phone calls are ineffective) and ask that they come take THEIR property. * If the vehicle has a low value relative to the cost of repossessing and resale the creditor does not have to recover the vehicle, but can pursue litigation for monies owed. The enforcement of the laws pertaining this issue will differ depending upon the holdings of state appellate courts.

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A used pick-up truck is just the same as any other used vehicle more or less. You should look for a vehicle that has a reasonable amount of mileage, as typically the higher the mileage claims the more wear and tear the car has undergone. You should test drive the car for a basic idea of how it runs, and overall assess the fit of the car for you personally.

If parts are replaced when you have work done on your vehicle?

Request the replaced parts be returned to you when you pick up your vehicle.

What if a car as not been pick up after surrendering it in bankruptcy 4 months ago what should I do?

You have not surrendered it just because you said in your bankruptcy Statement of Intention that you were going to surrender it. Surrender means turning the vehicle over to the creditor or its agent. Call the creditor or its lawyer and ask what they want you to do. Usually they will have you drive the car to a place that will accept the vehicle and the keys. Make sure to remove the license plates - at the place you bring the car to, not before - and all personal property from the vehicle.

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Is it legal for a towing company to charge 50 dollars to get your personal belongings out of the car?

If the vehicle is not a repossession and is in fact a law enforcement impounded vehicle, in California the answer is, NO. The law in California says "we towing companies" must allow you to pick up your property, however, we are only going to give the property to the legal owner of the vehicle. Therefore, bring them with you, picture ID in hand. No they cannot charge you to get your personal belongings from your car.They can charge a fee if they actually do something like inventory and store your belongings.

How can I dispose of personal property left behind by former spouse?

You should check with an attorney for the rules in your area. Perhaps you could call your divorce attorney. Generally, you will need to give him/her at least 30 days notice in writing to retrieve the property. You should pack it up neatly and carefully if you do not want them in the house. You should also keep an inventory of what was packed. You should provide dates when they may have access to retrieve the property and make sure you are there when promised. You should keep the property in a secure place until it is picked up. Keep the situation non-adverserial. If you expect a problem then you should arrange with the police to have an officer present during the arranged pick up. The notice should be sent by registered mail with the inventory attached and you should make certain you keep a copy of that notice and the green signature card. If possible, arrange and confirm the pick up date by email so you will have proof of your efforts to give them access and your compliance with the requested pick up date.

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