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I'd say no. 15 is way to young.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-24 00:55:03
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Q: What should you do should you leave with your boyfriend to live with him in the age of 15?
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What is the legal age for a girl to leave her parents house to go and live with her boyfriend?

That would be the age of 18. If they have parental permission they may also mover out.

What is the legal age to leave home to live with a grandparent?

The grand parent should older that 18, the age of Majority.

Can a 17 year old female live with her 19 year old boyfriend in Georgia?

Yes, you can leave home at age 17 in Georgia.

How old should you be before you have a boyfriend?

you can have a boyfriend at any age.

What can parents do if they dont want their teenager with a baby moving out to live with adult boyfriend?

If the child is under the age of 18, she should live where the parents say she should live. They can report her as a run away.

Is it ok to get off with your boyfriend when your 11?

You should not even have a boyfriend at that age

Can you run away with your boyfriend at age sixteen in North Carolina?

The police will look for you and everyone who helps you will be charged for aiding a runaway. If your boyfriend is 18 he can go to prison for it. As a minor you can not choose where to live or when to leave. So no.

If your 12 how old should your boyfriend be?

If your 12 and you want a boyfriend he should be int the same grade or else it get complicated. So your boyfriend should most likely be the same age as you or in the same area of that age:)

Can you leave home im 17 and a girl?

Not until you reach the age of majority, usually 18. Until then, you live where your parents say you should live.

Do you need permission from your parents to leave the province if you are a 16 year old girl and wanting to live with your boyfriend whose in another province. how does this work in Canada?

Until the age of 21 you do

What is the legal age for a boyfriend?

It should be eighteen years of age. There is no legal age for dating or having a boyfriend/girlfiend in any country in the west.

You live in Illinois what age can a child decide which parent they want to live with?

What age can a child decide were he or she want to leave

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