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I'm no Dr. Phil, but no one is perfect, so no one, not even someone who loves you very much, is gonna show it all the time, at least not as much as you'd like or in ways that you will find comforting every time. Many people also have this infuriating trait of being mean to the people they love most. That's no excuse for bad behavior, but if he acts badly toward you, perhaps you could calmly point out to him that he's not being nice and tell him why in plain talk, plain enough even for a dopey guy to understand. But try not to escalate the whole emotion thing; many guys react poorly to that. Having said that, words are cheap; actions matter. If he's frequently a jerk, then perhaps he's not being honest about his true feelings for you. If he's nice only when he wishes to get something from you -- you know what I'm talking about -- then perhaps you should cut him loose. One other thing: if you are young, meaning if you're still in high school, then just forget about all this "love" stuff. Feelings are fleeting. And boyfriends come and go. If he likes to be with you and you with him, leave it at that. Have fun while it lasts and enjoy each other's company. Don't get all wrapped up with one guy. And never ask a guy if he loves you. It comes off as needy and will only produce an answer that will be one of two things: a lie, or not the answer you wanna hear.

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Aliyah says she loves u?

If Aliyah says she loves you you should think DO I LOVE HER and if you do tell her that you do.

When a guy says he loves you soooo much and sometimes he acts like he does and sometimes he really acts like he doesn't what does that mean?

its just the way ofr life it always happens

What should you do if you love a guy and everyone says he loves you?

It doesn't matter what "everyone" else says, it only matters what he says. Sometimes people only see what they want to see. Ask him.

What should i do when my boyfriend says he loves me?

When someone says he loves you and they mean it, it is proper to say "I love you too back" and you should mean it too. Love is give and take.

What should you do when a girl says that she loves you?

Tell her how you feel towards her.

What should you do when your girlfriend says she loves you but she is not in love with you?

Leave her alone.

Does your girlfriend like you if she says she loves her male best friend?

Your girlfriend still loves you. You're her boyfriend. When a girl says she loves her male best friend she means it in a family kind of way. As long as she still spends time with you and says she loves you, you have nothing to worry about

Your boyfriend says he loves you but he doesn't show it what should you do?

dump him duuu

What should you say in return when your girlfriend says that she really loves you?


He loves you but he does not express?

well it sometimes happeneds if he does say that he loves you than he would love you enough to sit down and talk about it and try harder to show that he cares and loves you as much as he says he does

If a boy says he love you on MySpace but don't act like at school what should i do?

Maybe he was joking on Myspace. If he really loves you he will tell you in person.

How do you know if a girl truely loves you?

if she says she does, then she means it but if u feel like she don't just ask her if she likes you, but u should already know if she loves you or not. Just spend time with her, if she flirts, that's a good sign, but if she never says, just ask her

What does it mean when someone says that they love the person you are?

It means that he/she truly loves you and no matter how you are or how you look like, he/she loves you anyways.

My boyfriend unblocked me on facebook but his not talking to me but he says he still loves and wants me and loves me?

If your boyfriend loves you as he alleges, his actions should the talking. If he indeed loves you, he will check on you, call you and buy you presents.

My boyfriend says he loves me but his actions only sometimes agree with that so how do I know if he is telling the truth?

you know when he gives you the warmest hugs and looks deep in your eyes and tell's you he loves you. Also when he says it in front of his friends & family

My boyfriend says he loves me but my question is does he love me like he's in love with me or he loves me like he loves his car or fish or dog?

when he chooses you over anything else in this world!when he shows his love for you in front of anybody!when he gives you anythingLook, you will know if he loves you more than a car when he looks you deep in your eyes and says something like " I love you more than my own life," he pretects you from harm and is always at your side. But if he loves you like a goldfish, then you will know, because it wouldn't seem right. He loves you a lot when he holds you in his arms and says you are my world or something like that. You get my point.

Does koga like kagome?

Yes, but she doesn't like him back yes,he actually says he loves her

Does sqiudwrad like SpongeBob?

Sometimes he says he does but most of the time he says he doesn't.

What should i do if she loves me too but is always busy and don't give me time?

Tell her that you are really having a problem not being able to spend time with her. If she loves you like she says she does, she will make some effort to see you more.

When a guy says he loves you how do you know he means it?

He says it powerfuly and he is does it like this:I love you (you'r mickname he calls you)

Do guys like being stroked?

my experience says yes and my guy loves it..

Does Justin bieber like Pakistan?

yes he loves it he says that is his best country

Is it really love if your boyfriend says he loves you but he cheats on you?

no. he's a jerk, and you should leave him

You told a guy you love him so what should you do?

Wait to see if he says he loves you too.

What should you do when this girl says she likes you a lot but she still loves her boyfriend?

how do you know she still loves her bf? is this an ex bf? or present bf?