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What should you do when entering a Sikh family's house?

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Once you enter you remove your footwear, then you must say 'sat-sri-akal' or 'Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ke fateh' (more respetful greeting.) Make sure you don't say 'sas-ri-kal' as it is saying 'may your sister-in-law die.' Then you can enter the house. Remember however you speak when you are spoken to when talking to elders, as this is a mark of respect.

ANS#2: Dont say "SAS-RI-KAL" as it means "may YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW die"

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Who will you be in the presence of when entering the Sikh prayer room?

The Guru

Sikh place of worship?

The Sikh place of worship at a Gurdwara. Translated it means Gurus House.

What do Sikh women wear around the house?

Sikh women don't have any certain restrictions to what they can or cannot wear around the house, or in general. There is not a large difference in attire between the two. Many Sikh women who have more Indian roots may wear a traditional Punjabi suit around the house. As far as head coverings, Sikh women can cover their heads with a chunni (or head scarf) or wear a dastaar (turban). Again, not all Sikh women do this, but it is common and a popular option.

Iwould like to send a thank you card to a Sikh friend what do you suggest?

You should put a khanda(which is the Sikh sign) on it (:

What is involved with being Sikh?

Being Sikh is all about having faith in your guru(god). Sikh must not here and there looking for peace and happiness which he should look in gurus feet. Sikh should follow a daily routine which involves getting up early in the morning, bathing, reciting Japji Saheb with pious tongue, and then he should go to a gurudwara and give his hear to kirtan(devotional music) - should be done twice, in morning and in the evening too. It not at all that easy to be a virtuos Sikh. Most important - everything is important - Sikh should love his guru unconditional. A Sikh does not hurt others, respect everybody, every religion, always talks sweetly....

What is the Confucian house of worship called?

The Confucian house of worship is called a Gurdwara. This is the Sikh house of worship and there is no god regarded in Confucianism.

What do you call the Sikhism building?

The Sikh temple is called the 'Gurdwara' (the guru's house.)

Do you have to be baptized to become a Sikh or are you born into it?

this is debatable some say to be a Sikh all you have to do is be born as one some say to be a Sikh you should believe in the faith some say that to be a Sikh you must be practising others say that you must be baptised, or at least be planniing to be baptised at some point in your life if you wish to consider yourself a Sikh

Do all Sikhs celebrate Sikh festivals?

yes, they should.

Should khalistan be made?

Yes Khalistan be made in the sense that every land where a true Sikh Lives becomes Khalis i.e PURE. such should be the character of Guru ka Sikh

Is the Sikhism god called guruwara?

God in Sikh is called "Waheguru" pronounced as "WAA-HAY-GUROO" . But Sikh scripture has names of God from almost all religions. Sikh place of worship is called "Gurdwara" means "house of you spiritual teacher".

Can a Sikh marry non-Sikh?

The Sikh Rehet Maryada (Code of Conduct) clearly states that a Sikh should only marry a Sikh. Guru Nanak Dev Ji (the founding Guru of the Sikh religion) says that a married couple should be one soul in two bodies. This is only possible if both souls share the same path to God.If the Sikh is non-religious, I suppose they can marry whoever they want. But if the Sikh in question follows their faith, they must marry a Sikh.However, there's nothing to prevent the other person from converting. Conversion is easy and accepted in the Sikh community.Yes, Sikhs can marry non Sikhs until the spouse from other religion respects Sikhism. To marry a Sikh the other person doesn't have to convert to Sikhism. Sikhism respects other religions and don't force anyone to convert. That's the beauty of this religion

Which website is best for Sikh marriage services?

There are numerous websites for Sikh matchmaking services .But the best website for Sikh marriage services is Sikh Matrimony Site.

Is jay Sean Sikh?

he is a Sikh and not a mason Jay Sean is Sikh and always be Sikh even though he has a british accent

Which surname is used by Sikh belongs to chamar caste?

Guru Gobind Ji banned caste and said that every Sikh should have Singh or Kaur in their surnames.

Who is the Sikh people?

sikh are sick

What do Sikhs believe will happen on Armageddon?

Sikhism does not concern itself with Armageddon. When will this earth or universe would come to an end is not the concern of Sikh. A Sikh should follow the teachings of Sikh Gurus and meditate on the God's Name. Thus, there is no Armageddon for Sikhs.

What is a good Sikh?

A good Sikh is someone who See's no difference in other people they treat them all the same, fairly and kindly.also they should not eat meat,should not cut their hair,should not drink,should not smoke,and follow only one guru Guru Granth sahib ji

The Sikh symbol?

The Sikh symbol is the Khanda

Is yuvraj singh a Sikh?

he is a jatt sikh...

What is Sikh baisaki about?

it is the Sikh new year

What do Sikh women to show their Sikh?

Sikh women can keep their hair long to show they are Sikh and by choice they can also wear a Patka. They can also wear Sikh symbols such as the Khanda, Khesh, Kirpan, etc.

What should Sikh girls wear prior to living in Australia?

Clothes or nothing at all.

How did Sikh start?

gurunanak established Sikh religion.

What happens at a Sikh birth ceremony?

you become a sikh