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This girl likes her cake and is eating it too! You are an enabler. Stop it! You have total control over your life as we all do, and what she is doing is hurting you and keeping you "on hold." This is what you do: Don't be an enabler by giving her options and hanging around waiting for her to make up her mind. Start dating! Get out there and have some fun, date and you just never know, you might meet another girl that suits you much better. The other thing about doing it this way is once she sees you aren't waiting around she'll probably want you more. These types of girls love the game of having two guys (or more sometimes) wanting her and I think she is on an ego trip. Either she loves you, wants to be with you or doesn't. If you start dating others and she doesn't fall for it and lets you go then consider yourself lucky you found out now, but I can bet she'll be running after you once you tell her "You know what, I'm not hanging around. Got things to do and people to see." Walk away from her! If she does come back to you, you set down the rules and tell her straight up you don't share your girlfriends with anyone else. Either way you'll come out a winner. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do when this girl says she likes you a lot but she still loves her ex-boyfriend?
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What can you do if your girlfriend says she loves you but you find out she still has a little bit of feeling for her exboyfriend?

break his knees - I doubt she likes crippled guys

How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

What should you do when this girl says she likes you a lot but she still loves her boyfriend?

how do you know she still loves her bf? is this an ex bf? or present bf?

How do you now if your exboyfriend still likes you?

if he flirts with you, or talks to you often. if he still tries to hang out with you and treats you like you're his girlfriend.

What do you do if you dont know if your girlfriend still loves you?

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else

What does it mean if you catch your exboyfriend staring at you a lot?

He either still likes you alot or he hates you with a burning passion

If the boy loves a girl and he told some boys to tell her and a few weeks she likes him and he live her and she didn't know he still loves her or not what should you do?

Just ask him yourself. Ask him if he likes you.

How can you tell if your 7th grade exboyfriend still likes you in the 8th grade?

Talk to him about it. If he likes you it might be a good thing for him to get it off his chest. It would probably be good for you too.

Why did i dream of my daughters exboyfriend visiting me but he was crying to me?

It probally means nothing or it could mean that you think that he still loves your daughter. You can never be sure with dreams.

How can you find out your exboyfriend still loves you?

Do you still love him?? If so hint around just a little bit. if he still flirts with you and won't stop bugging you then maybe. or if your really striaght forward just ask him.

What do you do when your exboyfriend likes a girl you know?

Ask yourself this. IF he is your exb, do you still like him. If you see him flirting w/ another girl, talk to him and tell him that you still have feeling and are willing to try again.

Why wont your ex go back out with you if he still likes you?

I think its because he's still hurt and that he still loves u

What should I do if she is confused if she still likes me or not?

Well she should decide on wheither she likes you or not.

What should you do if your friend went out with a guy that she still loves and you like him and he likes you?

Yes you should follow your heart but try to think about your friend. How will she feel about all this? You should talk with the boy and be honest with your friend, and see what you should do from their.

Your in love with a person who told your best friend he still loves you but he likes his ex also should you break up with him or just forget about it and keep loving him?

If you really love him then you wouldn't break up with him I would do the opposite and still love him even if he likes his ex

What does it means when an ex boyfriend askes about his ex girlfriend?

It could mean that he still likes her or that he just cares about her but not as if he loves her. Mostly when a guy asks though it means he still likes her.

Why does your boyfriend still call you baby when he is breaking up with you?

He probably still likes you but he has found someone that he loves even more.

How can you tell your ex boyfriend if still like you?

They'll Still flirt With You and Call You N Try To Tell You He Loves/Likes You..

Should you listen to your brothers when they say your ugly and fat and that no one likes you but you have a lot of friends and just recently broke up with your boyfriend but he still loves you?

yes. Yes.

What is Hilary Duffs favourite band?

well she loves MGMT; she's still really into them. She likes Kate Nash, and loves Lily Allen's new record, loves Morrissey hes her all time favorite. And she really likes this new band Passion Pit.

You like your best friends exboyfriend he likes you too what do you do?

First of all you have to make sure whether or not your best friend still likes her ex -boyfriend. IF she does and you really care about her you would try and stay away from him so he wouldn't think your trying to lead him on. Now if your bestfriend's over him and you like her ex- boyfriend.....maybe you should think about getting with him....

What should you do if you still love your ex but she has a boyfriend?

Tell her how you feel and ask who she likes. Or ask if she still likes you in her heart.

What are signs that your exboyfriend still likes you?

There is no definite or sign that he may still like you. if you know how he is then and how he acts then it is easier for you to spot. my suggestion is wait it out, not chase him and let him come to you. if you want him back and you're trying to avoid him do the same thing and he'll get the point.

What is something you can say to your exboyfriend to show him how much he means to you?

I think you should tell him how you feel. Tell him that you still like him and that he is the best thing that has every happen to you!:)

What do you do if you still are in-love with you ex-boyfriend but he has a new girlfriend but says he still likes you?

First ask your exboyfriend to tell you if he actually likes his current girlfriend If he says yes, tell him to keep dating her ( never know he might change his mind about her If he says no, then ask himwhy he's dating her and that he shouldn't pretend that he likes her Good luck

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