What should you do when you call a girl you like who also likes you but it always takes ages for her to answer or she sometimes says to call her back in 30 mins but when you do she doesn't answer?

Modern technology has it's drawbacks. If you phone someone at home or even on their cell and this includes answering machines, people can see who is calling and decide if that person is important enough to talk to at that moment. It's rude! If I found out any one of my friends did that to me it would be the last call they would ever get from me! It takes seconds to answer and say, "Sorry, can't talk right now, but can I call you around 9 PM tonight?" That's acceptable! This young lady is very rude or she could be seeing several different guys which is her right, but she should communicate this and not leave you hanging around. Every person should be individuals and have a good sense of manners so they can gauge how other people treat them. Whether some young people like it or not and think because they can treat their friends so laid-back without respect and with no manners, think again! The business world won't tolerate it, so manners are a necessity! To me every call I get from anyone is extremely important and I will either take the call, answer it and if I'm super busy tell them that I will call them at a certain time and I never break my promise. Whether it's business or a friend, each one is as important as the other. Phone this girl one more time. I have no doubt she will pull the same thing off on you and when she says she will be calling you later, say, "Sorry I won't be in." I can bet that will peek her interest and if she wants to know what you are doing say, "I've got a date. Talk to you later!" Hang up! If she is really interested in you, you've just set down some hard and fast rules for her and that you aren't the type of guy to sit by and wait for the phone to ring. You snooze, you lose! If she doesn't start calling you back you've just been saved months to years of pain. Good luck Marcy Marcy, what would happen if you're a girl calling this guy who's playing the same silly game on you, only you don't have time to play it b/c you don't live in his town anymore, you are visiting and leaving in a few days. My guyfriend seemed to like me but after I called him to say hi yesterday that I arrived, he was very happy and asked me to call him the next day to go hang out, which I did, but he didn't pick up the cell phone & I dialed 5 times! so embarasing I kept on trying b/c I thought since I was calling from public phones that it wasn't personal but now I dont know what to think or do. Since I don't have a cell phone, our only chance to contact is e-mail bt he doesn't write or appear in our msn chat. I'm only staying 3 more days in his town and I really like him bt I don't know what to do. I wish I could talk to him, but am afraid he doesn't want to talk or something.