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Take Advise From Me DestinyYou should make him fall for this.Ok you tell him if yall have been together for over two years and yall still can't move in with each other well then maybe yall shouldn't be together and girlfriend you make shore you look him in his eyes when you say that then that would make him com crawling over to your house like a little baby saying please don't leave me then you say ok and he will be living with you in no time.
2011-09-13 13:08:24
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Leona Lewis lives in?

Leona Lewis lives in Hackney, London, England with her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend lives together. They are very close.

Should you stay with your boyfriend if he lives 75 miles away from you?

If you trust him you should.

Your boyfriend lives in Liverpool and you in London what should you do?

Move to France.

Boyfriend that's lives 20 mins away but he never texts and is never on msn what should you do?

What can i do if the boyfriend lives close to me and still keeps in touch with me

What to do when your boyfriend doesn't text you back?

When your boyfriend doesn't text back, don't freak out. He will eventually text you back. He is probably busy, preocuppied, or just doesn't feel like texting. But, eventually he will text you back. Men are like rubberbands..eventually they will come back to you. Unless they have someone else in their lives. Which is most unlikely.

What can a person do if they don't trust they're boyfriend especially if they live in NJ and her boyfriend lives in Florida?

if you can't trust your boyfriend, then you probably shouldn't be in a relationship with him, or should have better communication

My boyfriend and I have very busy lives how can I keep us together?

It takes two to keep a relationship together. If he is as busy as you and wants to keep your relationship together as much as you do then being busy will not break you apart.

Does Christina Milian have a boyfriend?

dre from cool n dre, he's a producer who lives in Miami they been together for a while now.

Can a 17 year old girl move in with her 17 year old boyfriend who still lives at his parents home and have a child together?


How do you get two teachers together?

If are a student you should not try to get two teachers together at all. You are in school to learn, and you should not get involved in your teacher's personal lives at all.

What is the legal definition of live in boyfriend?

a boyfriend who lives with you...AnswerIf he receives mail or otherwise uses your address, this could be used proof that he lives with you.

How do you get a boyfriend who lives walking distance from you?

Find out where he lives, and move near by.

Is alexi laiho and kimberly goss still married?

They were married for legal reasons, but they are not together.Alexi is together with Kristen Mulderig, Slayer's manager. They've been together for years.Kimberly has become a mother and lives in Sweden with her boyfriend.

I am 18 years old live in Chicago and my boyfriend is 20 years old and lives in Texas we want to move in together but my parents don't let me what should i do?

You're both legal adults since you're 18, so there is no legal reason why you cannot. Your parents can effectively do nothing to stop you. The only obstacle is what moving in together will do, first, to your relationship with your boyfriend and, second, to your relationship with your parents.

Where does Leona Lewis livedose she have a boyfriend?

She lives in London. And no, she does not have a boyfriend. She broke up with her longterm boyfriend in June '10.

How do you forget your boyfriend and go back to your husband?

You and your husband have a commitment together. If he is still committed to you and your marriage despite your inattention, leave the boyfriend and concentrate on the husband and the balance of your lives. Perhaps get counseling so you can get closer in heart and mind.

Where does Leona Lewis' boyfriend live?

She is single. Her ex-boyfriend lives in London.

Is Glenn Reddan GAY?

Yes he is he lives in Sydney Australia he has an Asian Singaporian boyfriend they have been together for 18 months & they are both HOT hOt hot

Your boyfriend lives down the road yet you are scared to meet what should you do?

IF you are scared to come in contact with your own boyfriend then perhaps you are too young to be dating, or you have self esteem issues, not being able to communicate with your boyfriend isn't a sign of a healthy relationship. If this activity prolongs you should seek profestional attention.

What if your boyfriend lives in a different state?

break up with him and find one that lives near you.

What keeps ladybugs warm?

They huddle together in a ball to hibernate. The lucky ones on the inside stay warm, but the ones on the outside eventually sacrifice their lives to the cold.

What should you do when your boyfriend wants your ex out of your lives but you and your ex have a 12-year-old that it would affect?

yes this will effect him your kid is more important than any boyfriend u will ever have never choose over your child Tell your boyfriend that your ex can't be out of your life because you two have a child together. If he is this jealous, maybe you need to re-think your relationship with your boyfriend. Or if you can sit him down and talk with him, maybe he will tell you what is really bothering him. Good luck:)

What should boyfriend pay for rent and expenses when he lives with girlfriend?

If you are currently living alone, and your boyfriend decides to move in with you, then you should try to split it 50/50. If you are looking for a living space together, then you should still pay 50/50 or switch off every month.Added: In the absence of a written contract or sub-lease between the two of you, there are no laws whcih govern these types of arrangements. In cases of misunderstanding or a falling out, do not look to the law for relief.

Is Freema Agyeman married?

No, she lives with her boyfriend in a flat

What do you do if your boyfriend lives far away?

get a web cam