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I did answer your question, but don't see it on the board. If you love someone then you want to go out with them. How else are you going to get to know each other. It appears she is playing a few head games with you and if I were you, I would stop asking her out and start dating. I can guarantee you that she will take you up later when you ask her out. Some girls can be very fickle and I think she is, but this doesn't mean she isn't a nice girl. Don't hang around and wait, but get busy and date. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-09-10 09:12:24
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Q: What should you do when you really like a girl and you already told her and she told you that she likes you too but when you asked her out she said she will see?
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Why was she flattered when you asked her out?

Maybe she doesn't get asked out often. Or she really likes you.

If a guy asked you who you like and you think he asked because one of his friends likes you how do you find out which friend likes you?

it should be obvious which one likes you.

My best mate really likes this boy that really likes her but he hasn't asked her out because he gets a bit nervous he is the year above and they both really like each other what should i do?

I honestly think you should wait awhile and see how their relationship goes, then if it doesn't get any better you should set them up.

I am really confused if my crush likes or if he just likes me like a sister He initiates convos w me always gives me his attention etc but he hasn't asked me out although I already asked him out?

The only way to know for sure how your crush feels about you is to ask him. Communication is the key to any relationship.

What should you do if you asked him out already he said no but likes you?

tell the elder council. he will be dragged to the gates of the city and stoned to death for lying. isreal must be cleansed.

Hamster that like getting held?

SYRIAN! Defenatly Syrian! I have Syrian hamster and when i hold him he really really likes it! You should really get one. Note: Guinea pigs also like when being held, but you asked for a hamster so I answerd you. SYRIAN! Defenatly Syrian! I have Syrian hamster and when i hold him he really really likes it! You should really get one. Note: Guinea pigs also like when being held, but you asked for a hamster so I answerd you.

When you really like this guy in school and hes already asked out your best friend and one of the girls you know likes him do you think its a good idea to ask him out or not?

then break up

Who should brooke really be with?

she should be with the guy she really likes!

How do you get a girlfriend even if you already asked her out on a date but she said no what do you do if you really like her?

Tell her. Maybe she likes you to! I am a girl and I would know. Everyone gets nervous when the get asked out. Just say " I have a confession to make...I really like you but I don't know if you like me. Do you?"

You just got a new boyfriend and you really don't want to be boring when your texting him what should you talk about?

well if he asked you out then ask him why he did and ask him what he likes about you

What if your best friend likes you and asked you out and you are secretly dating someone else?

well if you like your best friend then you should go out with him|her... but if you don't your best friend then you should tell him|her, that you are going out with someone already.

There is a boy in my class he really likes me and i really like him but im white and he's black should i go out with him?

YAH! You shouldn't let race get in the way of a relationship! If you like him and he likes you go for it! Who cares what everyone myt say? If he's asked you out you should defo go for it! YOU GO GIRL!

How do you get your girlfriend to give you a hand job?

ask her and if she really likes you she will and she will be glad that you asked her.

You still like the girl you asked out?

Well i think you should find out if she still likes you and if she does go for it!! i mean really if she does there might be a relatonship. good luck

What should you do if one of your friends likes a boy and the boy likes her back but she rejected him when he asked her out?

What should YOU do? I think you should leave them alone, because it's their business if they want to go out! If you REALLY NEED to know, ask your friend why she said no!

What do I do if I like someone who already asked me out and I said no because I hadn't seen them or spoken to them in a long time so I didnt really know them but now I like them a lot?

Because they already asked you out, that person probably likes you. The answer is to ask that person out because now you like them. Also, don't be nervous about asking them. And its OK if they say no. Remember, that person asked you out and you said no.

What are signs an really out going guy likes you?

A guy who is really out going would try impress you; talk to you, but, the ultimate sign would be if he asked you out. If he hasn't asked you out then there is no reason you can't ask him out to see just how much he likes you.

How do you tell your best friend you like her when she likes your best friend and your other best friend already asked her out?

Solution: There really is no answer. That's how it goes, don't make your life a drama over this girl.

What should you do if a boy asked you out two time but you said no?

Well I don't really understand what you mean.For asking you out this may just mean that he's interested In you not that he likes you.

Should you move on or wait for the guy you like even if the guy likes someone else But you feel that he still has feelings for you So you asked signs and it came true But should you really wait?

You should probably wait.

How will a guy who likes you act like if you ask him out?

If he likes should be fine. Every once and a while, guys like to be asked out.

If a girl really likes this guy should she ask him out because she thinks he likes her?

If she really likes this boy, and she believes he likes her, then go for it. =.) It never hurt anybody to try.

You really likes this boy and he asked your BFF to be his valentine she said no cause she knows you like him he still flirts with you and says he likes you what should you do?

Be careful, he might just be looking to hookup with you. Try to get to know him better and then just play it by ear.

You no this guy likes you because he has asked you out before 4 times his brother looks at you a lot at you what does it mean?

he likes you , he really likes you and if you like him you should ask him and if you do u could have a good futer trust me ive been through it and now ive got the best boyfriend ever

What do you do if there is this girl you really like but just when you were about to ask her out she told you another guy just asked her out?

Well, unless she likes the other guy more then there should be nothing holding you back.

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