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First of all, DO NOT TRY TO STARVE YOURSELF. Your just hurting yourself. You can find many different ways to burn off fat. for example: go to a gym. or go for a jog every morning.

Something else that's a good way to burn off fat, is to make a good daily diet.

Instead of NOT eating, eat. Eat healthy food and healthy snacks. Go to the food guide of your country, and find out the types of healthy and recommended types of food you can eat, and all the information on it.

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Q: What should you eat or drink to help you not get weak but yet starve yourself?
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Why should you not starve yourself?

Many people starve themselves indeed because they want to lose weight, but infact, this does not help at all. Wehn you don't eat, your body thinks it is starving and produces fat. So the best way to lose weight is to eat healthily, not starve yourself!

How to starve yourself without anyone noticing?

Starving yourself is dangerous and can be a sign of the deadly eating disorder anorexia nervosa. You should seek medical attention for help, not try and harm yourself in such a manner.

How much weight will you lose if you starve yourself for a month?

If you literally starve yourself, you could have long term health affects, it is not a good way to lose weight. A reasonable diet should help you lose 8 to ten pounds the first month, slowing down at that point. Consult a physician for help in determining what the best option for you is.

Do you have an eating disorder if you starve yourself during the week but eat on the weekends and you've lost weight?

Yes. You should not starve yourself, you will do permanent damage to your organs. Seek help if you can't stop this cycle. The internet is a great resource to find others with your condition and feelings. Try google groups.

How long do you have to starve yourself to lose 70 lbs?

starving yourself does not help you lose anything when you eat food you get energy when you dont your Metabolism ( fat burner ) slows way down so you burn almost nothing exersise dont starve yourself

At 13 years old you weigh a lot should you starve yourself?

No, because you can get a bad disease that can cause problems for the rest of your life or you could die. Try eating good foods and exercise. It will help.

What kind of diet can help you to lose a lot of weight?

To lose weight, you should nurture a sense of commitment and determination to stick to the plan. You should avoid fatty foods, drink lots of water, eat plenty of fresh (preferably organic) non-starchy vegetables, and just a little fruit. No need to starve yourself. Some people choose to add diets supplements.

Should you seek medical help if you are skinny but want to lose more weight and are scared to gain weight?

It depend on what "skinny" means to you.If everyone you know tells you that you are at a good weight you should believe them.If you really think you need to lose some weight see a doctor.Be sure to stay healthy and NEVER starve yourself, even if you think you are too thin.If you ever feel like you need to starve yourself see a doctor!

Is it normal to drink your own blood?

Only if it's from a wound. If you on purpose cut yourself just so you can drink it, then you need help.

You always get hungry how can you not think about food cos you reallly wanna start to starve myself for formal you need to loose 10 kgs you want to be 50 kgs please help someone?

Honey, you have issues. You should NEVER starve yourself, you loose weight faster by eating then you do by not eating. You are being very stupid for thinking that way.

How can you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is when you cease to eat. I highly discourage this, not eating can potentially cause major health concerns.If you are really wanting to lose weight I suggest meeting with a professional nutritionist to help you get started.

What happens if you poop yourself?

mabye you should try cleaning yourself? it will help. your welcome

Would green tea help keep your metabolism running if you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is never a healthy option for weight loss. If you're desiring to starve yourself- why? Unless you have some diagnosed thyroid problem or injury, any normal person can reach a healthy weight through diet and exercise alone. You may very well have an eating disorder, see a psychiatrist for assistance.

Will adderall and Prozac together help you lose weight?

It will make you look like a zombified meth addict. And no it won't help you lose weight. Stick to straight healthy diet and cardio but don't starve yourself.

What do you drink when you are sick?

You should drink water regular times, and buy some medician to help your body get better. You should never drink sweet things that contain sugar, such as soda, or milkshakes. And again, drink water because your body will need lots of it so it can help fight the sickness.

How many of glass of water should you drink a day?

You should drink eight glasses of water a day. But drink more depending on weight or if you work out more. Their are various websites on line to help determine how much water you should drink if you work out more.

Eating disorder Anorexia and Bulimia and all I do is starve and use laxatives but will drink soda for fluid What damage am I doing I can't stop not sure I want too?

If you continue down the road your on now.. you can die. It is not healthy way to live, I think you know that though. I had a very close friend to me suffer a variety of illnesses all stemming from her anorexia disorder. You should get help sooner than later.. so you can help yourself before you start seriously damaging your body.

Why should you become a hunter?

Well if you are stranded it would help if you knew how to hunt so you could get food so that you won't starve to death!

How can you starve yourself without putting the weight back on?

I'm sorry, but WikiAnswers is meant to be a place where helpful knowledge or advice is given to help spread awareness or facts to others. Encouraging someone to starve themselves (a potential sign of the dangerous eating disorder, anorexia) would not be helpful.

Is it normal to put on weight during the menstrual phase?

Yes and a lot of it is retaining water. Knock off the soft drinks, sugars, and caffeine drinks that should help some. If you have bad PMS you can help yourself through what you eat and drink as well.

How often should you clean your house?

you do it yourself why take help of internet

Should you drink cold water after exercising?

You should drink water during and after exercising. It is easy to become dehydrated during exercise, fluids help to prevent dehydration.

What can you drink to help you sing?

well ,, you should drink tea(warm) ,honey , a little bet of lemon . drink lot's of water . drink licorish tea (that's help) as what Selena Gomez said :(( i drink a zip of olive oil before singing )) so hope i helped :)

How many pounds can you lose if you starve yourself for 20 days?

That would depend on how physically active you are and what you drink. Before taking such drastic action it would be wise to have a health check and to consider whether you have an eating disorder. It is free to go to Overeaters Anonymous who can help with all sorts of Eating Disorders and have a lot of information available on the Internet.

What types of fluids should you drink to help the body return to homeostasis?

Water and or sports drink if the person has been sweating vigorously.