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What should you expect if you are in a relationship with a widower with two girls?


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February 28, 2011 6:49AM

I would say expect for the family to still be in the process of healing. A lot of things come with the death of a spouse, especially one whom he or she has either been in a long term relationship or one whom he or she had children with or both. I would hope that the widower has mentally, physically, and emotionally decided that he or she is ultimately ready to take that step of pursuing relationships again. I would expect that widowers two girls to take some time getting to know me because it takes a while for children to adjust when things such as death of parents or even things like transferring to a new school occur. That widower must be sure that he or she is ready to bring that new person around his or her children. I would just be patient, be myself, love the best way I know how, and try not to force or rush the process of things while in the relationship with this person.