What should you expect if you are in a relationship with a widower with two girls?

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I would say expect for the family to still be in the process of healing. A lot of things come with the death of a spouse, especially one whom he or she has either been in a long term relationship or one whom he or she had children with or both. I would hope that the widower has mentally, physically, and emotionally decided that he or she is ultimately ready to take that step of pursuing relationships again. I would expect that widowers two girls to take some time getting to know me because it takes a while for children to adjust when things such as death of parents or even things like transferring to a new school occur. That widower must be sure that he or she is ready to bring that new person around his or her children. I would just be patient, be myself, love the best way I know how, and try not to force or rush the process of things while in the relationship with this person.
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In this day and age should a man be expected to be the leader in the relationship?

Answer . That depends entirely upon the dynamics of the relationship. Why do either need to be leader? Can't you discuss issues and come to a consensus without "giving in" to the wishes of the other?. Answer . \ni dont think any day of age considers you to where the pants, some relationships ( Full Answer )

Can an abused girl be faithful in a relationship to a man or should you expect the worst?

Answer . \nSome people who have been abused can have healthy relationships. Also, plenty of people who never have been abused cheat in relationships. \n. \nIt is possible she may have issues of trust and possible fear of commitment. Again, it's something you have to take on an individual basis. ( Full Answer )

What should a guy expect when he tells a girl how he feels about her in a letter?

Answer . It depends on the type of girl. Some girls today feel smothered and that the guy is moving too fast for her. She considers it a commitment she may not want and just have fun with you with no ties attached. On the other hand she could be just a good old fashioned gal and really love th ( Full Answer )

If you have a boy that wants to be a girl what expectations should you have of him?

Answer . \nCases like this one are coming out to the clear more than before. Luckily times have changed a lot and people have a better opportunity to be themselves. I would not call your boy gay, since he wants to be a girl. Your boy will very likely at an adult-life be considered a transgender, ( Full Answer )

When you have been best friends with a girl for two years and you develop feelings for her and she isn't with a boyfriend but none of her relationships seem to last should you tell her how you feel?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nGo for it. You could be the one:) Good luck and God Bless:)\n. \n Answer \n. \nI agree with the other poster. Don't live on "what ifs" or "I should haves." Just because she isn't into a solid relationship doesn't mean she isn't a great girl. Perhaps she's tired o ( Full Answer )

How long should you date a girl before you can expect sex?

How about when she's physically and emotionally ready, and tries to have sex with you? Don't expect sex from every girl you know, that's rubbish. Don't pressure her either, when she's ready then she'll give hints. There is no amount of time for you to expect sex from a girl. If that's all your expec ( Full Answer )

What expectations to have in a relationship?

Answer . A good rule of thumb is to expect no more from the other person than you give them in return, and what they are capable of giving back.

What should you do when your torn between two girls?

Answer . Choose from the heart. If you cannot decide who is best or each have "bits" of them which is better than the other, then choose neither because you will always look back and want those bits of them which you cannot have which means neither is right for you.

How should you maintain two girl friends?

Answer . Most women of all ages don't care to share their men with another woman! You are a late bloomer my friend! Unless these two young women are OK with the idea then you are in big trouble! Grow up, choose one girl and stick to her. If you can't do that then date and don't go steady with a g ( Full Answer )

What should you do if two girls like you?

Answer . Answer You must be a popular guy, but in your case you have two choices, either tell the two girls what is going on and you can't make up your mind and want to date the two of them, or kiss this situation good bye as one of these girls is going to be hurt and you don't want to hurt the ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between the two convicts in Great Expectations?

There are two main convicts in Great Expectations. The first is ultimately identified as Magwitch, who is Pip's friend from the swamp. The second is Compeyson. Compeyson was a scam artist, and Magwitch helped him. The scheme is discovered, and Magwitch ends up hating Compeyson. Magwitch fights Com ( Full Answer )

Should the girl bring up the Define the Relationship question?

Well, that depends on the situation. If things are running smooth, no need. But if you are on a rocky path with your relationship, use that question. See what you really mean to him. If the answer is hesitant, quiet, unsure, unsteady, or definitely insincere, break it off before he breaks your heart ( Full Answer )

What should i do to strengthen my relationship with my girl friend?

Communication is the foundation of any relationship this way you know what the others wants, needs, goals, feelings etc. are to be able to act on strengthening your relationship in all aspects. Talk more to begin with, then work on things together that may need fine tuning. Be open minded and rememb ( Full Answer )

What should you expect in a relationship?

the first thing about it is that you should have some kind of mental list in your mind of what you would like your relationships to be or the qualities that they are to posess. therefore if you met someone and are interested because they have what you consider important qualities, values or are capa ( Full Answer )

Should 12 year old boys have relationships with girls?

I think if a 12 year old boy wants a relationship with a girl, then why not? it could only be puppy love at that age, anyway, learning how to get on with girls etc. (edited) ok now this is wrong im 12 and im in a real relationship and that's ok but (im not going to go into that). but i know 1 thing ( Full Answer )

What should you do when there are two girls you like?

I think the best thing you can do is go for the girl who treats you best and you think will last together with.. from charmaine.. ALTERNATIVELY-. Kill them both. Spread out the insides on a plate, then put a compass in the middle. Whoevers insides the compass points at is the one.

Should I believe my boyfriend when he told a girl he loved her to get rid of her and that he was scared because she acted psychotic and he had to carry on the relationship for two months more?

No, you should not believe your boyfriend. If he was telling the truth and told the girl he loved her then why would she become psychotic? He has been cheating on you and you either caught him cheating or someone else told you and he was simply caught cheating. He isn't much of a man when he would l ( Full Answer )

Should a 53-year-old man give a 23-year-old girl his personal cell number when he is involved in a two-year relationship?

I would suppose it would depend on why he gave a girl 30 years younger than he is his "personal cell number". Is she a coworker who occasionally needs a ride to work? Is she a friend of his adult children who is having a tough time? Or is this the way he lets the person he's been in a relationship f ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you think your in love with two girls?

If you think you're in love with two girls, then just follow your heart towards one of them. Or you could make a list of both girl's traits and see which one is more compatible with you or go out with them one more time and see which one you are more compatible with.MOST IMPORTANT, PICK ONE THAT CAR ( Full Answer )

What should a girl expect after she has sex for the first time?

When a girl has sex for the first time, she will think your pregnant but she will also want to do it again unless she were being raped. A boy likes having sex so when she has it for the first time, in a few days he will ask you to do it again. If she says she is not ready he will say ok. But if she ( Full Answer )

Should a girl say I love you first in a relationship?

This may not be realistic, but if I had a teenaged daughter, I would urge her just not to say that, no matter the feelings. Up until the last few decades, a guy hearing that from a girl would almost surely end things. That L word can be very scary. A girl hearing it from a guy might be inclined to a ( Full Answer )

How should a guy start a relationship with a girl?

by making her feel comfortable. Don't come off too flirty. Don't try to say things lke nice butt or whatever. Look at her when she's talking. Maybe a few pick-up lines? Be cool. If she asks you what you're staring just say your beautiful eyes. Then smile. Have some confidence. Show her that you care ( Full Answer )

How old should a girl be to enter a relationship?

This question was posted at the Law and Legal Issues site, if you're asking when is a girl physically and emotionally ready for a sexual relationship - you should post the question elsewhere. Under the law, an under-aged girl in a sexual relationship may be adjudicated delinquent. The age will diffe ( Full Answer )

What should you expect from others in a personal relationship?

You should expect more talking and hanging out. Try not to have sex. If you cant help yourself then use a condom (Saftey First). You should only have sex when you are married. If you are ready to make a baby and want to be responsible for it then have sex i don't care but remember a baby is most lik ( Full Answer )

What should two girls do at a sleepover?

There are so many possibilities. It might sound childish but get a piece of paper, draw paper dolls on them, cut them out and find outfits from delias, kohls, etc. It is actually really fun, I'm 15 and my friends and I did it, it kept us busy for hours! Also, even though it's fake, try the Ouji Boar ( Full Answer )

What should happen next in a romantic suspense novel after the girl meets a nice guy with relationship potential and then comes home and gets two dogs for her b-day from her brother?

You are the writer! Write whatever you feel should come next. Think about what you already have: . what is the conflict keeping her from the nice guy . how do the dogs tie into the romance . what is the suspense going to be Just keep writing and don't let some anonymous person on the intern ( Full Answer )

How should girls act in an relationship?

This is silly! In a relationship, girls just need to relax and be themselves. If you're acting like someone your not, your relationship is just composed of lies.

What should a girl expect when she likes you?

There are 3 things that she expects when she likes you. One of them is making the first move on her to make her feel confident and proud that you like her, but if you don't tell her in a way that will let her down easy and still be friends. The 2nd thing is you flirting in such a playful way to feel ( Full Answer )