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What should you say in a letter you are writing to your ex if you are ready to forgive him for cheating on you?


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Whoa! Back the truck up! First off it depends if he's just cheated once, but if he's cheated on you more than once this guy is a loser and consider yourself lucky to be rid of him. You don't owe him anything either way! We are all just human and we can make mistakes and even some people can have an affair and are truly remorseful over it, but most aren't and that's what you have to find out from your ex. If you truly feel he has made just one mistake, then scrap the letter idea and meet with him. When you talk about him cheating on you watch his eyes. If he looks right into your eyes while talking about it, then he's probably telling the truth, but if he shifts his eyes, plays with his ring, etc., then he's lying! The eyes are the windows of the soul. Body language tells a lot too. Be smart and don't sit there wishing and hoping to hear the things you want to hear, but really watch this guy and be sure you aren't heading for another mistake. If he lives in another town or State, than make an effort to get together and don't do this through a letter. I believe when one makes mistakes (and I've certainly made mine in the past) that I face that person and look them straight in the eye. If you have nothing to hide there is no reason one can't handle it in this manner. Good luck Marcy I THOUGHT YOU SAID HE WAS YOUR EX.....NO LETTER NEEDED. NO CONFRONTATION NEEDED. JUST LET THE ANGER GO AND IF YOU SHOULD HAPPEN TO EVER RUN INTO THIS PERSON JUST BE CORDIAL.....YOU ARE MOVING ON. THATS THE HEALTHIEST THING TO DO. THE LETTER WILL LEAD TO MORE CONTACT AND THAT IS NOT GOOD. WASH YOUR HANDS OF THE SITUATON. E

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No. Get away from cheating drug addicts you're better then that.

you shouldn't because he came back for you to make you feel worse

Well I say that you should forgive her but it's your desicion on whether you trust her enough to take her back.

ANSWER: You should, because the two of you are not married yet.He needs to prove to you what he did before the two of you got married will not happen anymore..

Yes you should forgive her but because she may be bi, talk to her about it. If she thinks she wants to be with a girl more than a boy, it's time to break it off.

When writing a formal letter, the action the author of the letter hopes to achieve should be found in the:

It really depends on what they did. My ex betrayed me and i forgave him but mostly coz i loved him so much

If you're boyfriend really loves you, then yes, he will be able to forgive you. But to be honest, he should not give you another chance and you should not ask him to. You've proven you don't truly love him by cheating and lying. Let him go and find someone who will.

If you are writing a business letter, you should begin with the date. After that comes the person's name, title, and address.

You should do nothing. This is probably none of your business unless you have reason to suspect he's cheating on you. But simply writing to a gay friend by email is not cheating.

When writing to your facilitator, you should be more formal in your writing than when writing to a friend. You should include the date and return address at the top of the letter, just as you would when writing a professional letter. A closing phrase, such as "sincerely," should also be included.

There is not a specific format that should be followed when writing a letter to employees. The letter should note who will be getting the pay increase and when it will occur.

If you are writing a letter to your mom, then yes, Mom should be capitalized. However when you are simply talking about her, it would not be.

you should always forgive. love your neighbors, and they will love you back!

when you forgive someone you should forgive knowing they will not do it again but if they do on purpose you should not forgive if they mistakely did it you can for give one more but only a few times if a person does it by a mistake

WikiAnswers is not going to do your assignment for you - that's cheating and it's wrong.

If you truley care about someone then you will find it in your heart to forgive him. Which you should. If we don't forgive then we are no better then those that commited the offense.

One should only forgive their partner if they have made one human error regarding a break up or cheating, but if they continue then love and forgiveness does not cut it and you should walk away from them.AnswerYes, to love is to forgive but if someone treats you badly over and over you should walk away. You can still forgive that person but do not place yourself in a situation where you are repeatedly treated badly. Forgiveness doesn't mean you have to stay with that person or be friends with them. However, everyone makes mistakes and if you really love someone and want to be with them, and they love you, you should forgive them. It depends on the circumstances whether you stay with someone or not.

A business letter should always begin by stating the purpose of the letter (why you are writing).

yes u should always forgive and forget

this is coming from a guy who has had many relationships and if someone is cheating at all you should leave unless there is children involved then it is different.

Writing a room and board letter can mean a few things. One should include the reasons for writing the letter.

succinctly state why you are writing the letter

You are writing a business letter, you should be more formal.

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