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What should you study in high school if you want to become a chemical engineer?

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Take all the major sciences -- physics, bio, chem -- and all the math you can handle. Take AP classes, if your school offers them. Sit for the AP exams and the SAT-II subject tests.

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Should a person go back to school to become an Engineer?


What high school courses should be taken to be an engineer?

Make sure you take subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathmatics to become an engineer

What should you study in high school if you want to become a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical & CAD Drafting

What classes should you take to become a petroleum engineer in college and high school?

all sciences and maths

What high school courses should you take to become a network engineer?

You should take computer aps and then talk with that teacher and he/she should know. -Jay

How many years does a person have to go to school to become an electrical engineer?

Should be at least a 4 year degree.

Is biology really needed to become an aerospace engineer?

You should not have to take biology to become an aerospace engineer.

What courses are required to become a computer engineer?

Answer- Generally Bachelor or master degree is required to become a computer engineer. Also you should be of mathematical background to become a successful computer engineer.

What subjects should you take to become an aeronautical engineer?

You will need a firm grasp of physics and mathematics to become an aeronautical engineer.

What high school courses should you take to become a aeronacutical engineer?

Physics,geography and mathematis or you can take only two geography

What should you study in high school or college if you want to become a genetic engineer?

about 9-10 years. you need your master degree and you have to get a PhD in Science.

What classes should you take in high school and college to become an electrical engineer?

Maths and Sciences: - Physics - Chemistry - Algebra - Calculus - Computer Science

What subjects should you take to become a plastic engineer?

maths and science

What subjects should a student focus on who wants to become an engineer?

Math and physical science and lots of both. Take calculus in high school if you and maths

What should you study to become a weapon systems engineer?

mechanical or electrical engineering

How do you become a aeroplane engineer?

You should study Aeronautical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering.

What language should be taken in high school fora career in engineer?


What are chemical engineers responsibilities?

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Chemical Engineer:The role that a chemical engineer plays in today's world is an important one to put it quite simply. There are many responsibilities which a chemical engineer must undertake on a daily basis and various specific duties which must be carried out as well. It is important to look at these items to determine why the role of chemical engineer is so important and whether one is suited for a job of this type.What Is a Chemical Engineer?An individual who works as a chemical engineer is responsible for manufacturing chemicals and developing processes for doing so. The chemical engineer will also design chemical plant equipment as well. Some of the products which the chemical engineer is involved with developing may include rubber, plastic, gasoline, cement and paper, just to name a few.General Responsibilities of a Chemical EngineerThe chemical engineer is a person who has multiple job responsibilities under their charge. One who works as a chemical engineer must do a lot of research in the beginning to determine the best way of producing certain products. Along with researching the issues, the chemical engineer must design programs, machinery and processes which will allow the products to be manufactured. The chemical engineer must also perform a multitude of tests along the way to ensure that everything is going according to plan. Lastly, one who is a chemical engineer must consult with numerous individuals to ensure that their job is done to the best of their ability and the desired outcome is reached.Specific Duties of a Chemical EngineerBeneath all of the general responsibilities listed above, a chemical engineer must engage in numerous specific duties on a daily basis. The first duty which the chemical engineer is responsible for completing is research. The chemical engineer must take careful steps to ensure that what they are looking to manufacture and how they are looking to manufacture a product is the right avenue to pursue. The way to resolve this issue is by doing a lot of research on a variety of topics relating to chemical engineering.The chemical engineer is also responsible for designing a variety of items and this is a very important duty which they must complete. A chemical engineer must design various items such as measurement and control systems, chemical manufacturing equipment and chemical manufacturing processes. This is a major duty on the part of the chemical engineer and one which must be carried out with preciseness at all levels and stages.A chemical engineer must also engage in a wide array of analyses. The things which the chemical engineer must analyze include test data, engineering design, design problems and research findings. The chemical engineer must take painstaking measures to adequately analyze these items as the outcome of the project could very well depend on the analysis which is undertaken by the chemical engineer.One who is an engineer must develop certain procedures and policies as well so that there will be smooth operations all the way around the board. Various procedures and policies such as safety procedures, data tables and employment policies may all be in the hands of the chemical engineer. A senior level chemical engineer will have more to do with regard to developing policies and procedures within the company or corporation.The preparation of multiple reports is also in the hands of the chemical engineer. The chemical engineer must prepare data which specifically details the findings of certain tests and evaluations. These reports can be text or tables depending on the type of report which is needed.A chemical engineer will also deal with other individuals a great deal. The reason for doing so is to relay the results and findings as well as oversee other chemical engineers and related workers in their field. From time to time, chemical engineers must lecture to their peers and the general public regarding their job and role in society.Beneficial Attributes Which All Chemical Engineers Should PossessThere are many positive attributes which chemical engineers should have in order to make their job role progress more smoothly. First and foremost, a chemical engineer must have a keen scientific mind. As chemistry, physics and engineering are all part of the daily job role of a chemical engineer, it is imperative that an individual who has this profession possesses a keen scientific mind.Superb analysis skills are necessary for a chemical engineer to possess if he/she wants to be the best in their field. There are so many documents, processes, diagrams, tables and equations which a chemical engineer must analyze on a daily basis that it should be no shock that wonderful analysis skills are a must.A chemical engineer will also find it beneficial to have good research skills. Frequently a chemical engineer will need to find out certain information regarding their projects and will have to perform quite a good deal of research in order to obtain the results that they need. This is why valid research skills are handy for a chemical engineer to possess.Another attribute which a chemical engineer should have is a precise nature. Anything that is scientific warrants preciseness by those working in this field. A chemical engineer is no different. Since the chemical engineer is using various types of sciences to complete their job, it is important that they are precise. Not only will this make their job easier but it will also make it less likely that they make a mistake in the calculations and the final product as a result thereof.One who is a chemical engineer should be able to pay attention to detail. They need to be able to pick up on certain aspects of the engineering process and determine if something is working and if not, how they will fix it. By paying attention to detail and having this quality, a chemical engineer will find it easier to pick up on any potential problems which may occur along the way.ConclusionOne who is a chemical engineer will find that the role which they play is important and their work needs to be done as correctly as possible. If one is interested in pursuing a chemical engineer profession, they will find it valuable to consult the aforementioned items to see if this job is for them. In addition, if the interested party is good with details, precise in nature and has an excellent scientific mind, then obtaining a job as a chemical engineer might just be the best bet.

What education and training is required to become a architectural engineer?

A person should receive a bachelor's degree if they want to be a architectural engineer. The course work should include mathematics, physics, and engineering.

What subjects do you need to become a computer system engineer?

Science, math, and computer science classes will be needed to become a computer system engineer. Coursework should also include instruction in electrical engineering.

What a person should do after 12th if he want to become an aeronautical engineer?

he should admit to a engineering colege........ which have the aeronautical engineering branch

Can you give me some seminar topic related to chemical engineering?

Practical Uses of Chemical Engineering in D.O.D. Projects Process design Chemical Engineering and the Automotive Sector Thermodynamics etc, etc, etc.... You could also approach chemical engineering through big philosophical ideas, such as: How did chemicals differentiate from primordial space? How does nature engineer things? Should humans engineer chemicals that could become weapons? Is biomimicry better than human engineering, etc.

What should you learn to become a computer hardware engineer?

One should go to college to learn how to become a computer hardware engineer. There are several programs available. There are years and years of classroom time needed in this field. It doesn't help that technology is always changing.

What high school classes should you take if you what to be an aeronautical engineer?

Every math course available.

How much years you must go to school for to be a mechanical engineer?

A mechanical engineer should go to college for at least four years. They should focus on math and science course in accredited engineering programs.