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you feel really drowsy. but there aren't that many side effects i guess. normal side effects of alcohol. dizzy, slurred language, vision is impaired, etc. i guess i would say your tolerance for alcohol changes. mine went down. i can drink very little and feeling very tipsy. but it depends on the person too.


here's why you shouldn't drink on an anti-depressant. you are taking a SSRI (Selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitor). it loads serotonin into your brain which makes you happy. alcohol is a depressant. so what that means is. your therapy with the SSRI will cease to be effective. then you will start thinking that the medication doesn't work. but the real reason it's not working is because you are drinking. so that's why it's not smart to drink when taking an anti-depressant.

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Q: What side effects would you expect if you drink alcohol with Celexa?
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Can you drink a beer with Celexa?

You are advised not to drink alcohol while taking Celexa.

What e effects would you expect if you drink alcohol while taking Paxil?

There will be no effect from the antidepressant. Alcphol causes depression.

Can you drink alcohol while taking Celexa and Wellbutrin?

No, it is not recommended due to the interaction and interference with the actions of the medications.

What side effects would you expect if you drink alcohol while taking Labetalol?

Most likely a reduction of its anti-hypertensive effect.

What happens when you drink wine and take Celexa?

I take celexa and drink wine and it seems to have no effect on me.

Is it okay to drink alcohol?

no it is not ok to drink alcohol because it got bad effects on your bode

What happens if you take Valium and drink alcohol?

It enhances the effects of the alcohol.

Why can't you drink alcohol while on Prednisone?

Alcohol enhances the effects of medication, also the side effects.

Is it OK to drink non-alcoholic beer that actually has point 05 percent alcohol by volume while taking Celexa?

Small amounts of low or no alcohol content beer will not interact adversely with Celexa (citalopram) or any other SSRI or SNRI antidepressant.

Can you take alcohol while taking telfast 180mg?

If you drink alcohol while you are on telfast be aware of its effects. Do not drink more than moderate amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of side-effects.

What are the effects of alcohol consumption?

depends how much you drink

What side effects would you expect if you drink alcohol while taking Wellbutrin?

Wahey.. great fun!! 1 short of spirits affects you like 5 does.. DO NOT DRIVE!!

Is it safe to drink alcohol while on hydrocodone?

no its not it can have side effects

How do you get alcohol out of the body?

Drink water, then sleep you body will work of the effects and get rid of the alcohol by itself

Can you drink alcohol on prednisolone tablets?

You can drink alcohol while taking prednisolone tablets but it is not recommended. These pills are a type of steroid and alcohol taken with them can cause serious side effects.

Can you drink alcohol while taking an antibiotic?

Whilst it is possible to drink whilst on anti biotics the side effects of these drugs will be enhanced. If an antibiotic may make you feel dizzy or sick if you drink alcohol there is a much higher chance of getting these side effects.

Why cant you drink alcohol with metronidazole?

because metronidazole inhibits the metabolism of alcohol. This reaction causes many of the side effects associated with alcohol.

Can you chew celexa?

no. just swallow it whole with something to drink.

What is the logical age to drink alcohol?

Given that alcohol is a chemical poison that happens to have pleasant effects in small quantities, it is difficult to argue that there is any "logical" age to drink it.

What happens if you take tramadol and drink alcohol?

Not recommended at all. Tramadol will heighten the effects of the alcohol, making you very unwell.

How do you prevent the effects of alcohol?

Don't drink. However, if you want to enjoy the health and longevity benefits of alcohol, you should drink beer, wine or spirits in moderation each day.

Why do teens drink alcohol?

For the same reason as anyone else drinks it - the intoxicating effects.

What effects your blood alcohol content?

Your weight and gender -- but most of all, how much you drink.

What causes pregnant women to drink alcohol?

Addiction, or ignorance of the effects on the fetus, or both.

What are the possible effects that could happen to your kidney if you drink?

alcohol affects the liver, not the kidneys