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The Olympics were created to worship the Greek gods.

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Q: What significance did greek gods play in the Olympics?
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What games did Greeks play to honor the gods?

They did the Olympics and the Pentathlon, which is running, Greek wrestling, discus, javelin, and jumping.

What are facts about the ancient Greek Olympics?

they play naked

Where did the Greek's play sports?

the greek gods played sports at an olympian places......

Why did girls not get to participate in Olympics in Greece?

Actually, in Greece women were aloud to play in the Olympic games but, only certain ones like curling and skating for example and they were encouraged to by the Greek Gods and Goddesses to participate in the Olympics.

What role did stories of gods and heroes play in greek culture?


What sports did the Greek gods and goddesses play?

The Greek gods and goddesses participated in sports including archery, wrestling/boxing, track and field, and they rode horses.

In what ways did greek gods and goddesses play an important part in lives of the athenians?

The plays were a celebration to the gods. The gods were given due deference and sacrifice.

In what ways did Greek gods and goddesses play an important part in the lives of the Athenians?

The plays were a celebration to the gods. The gods were given due deference and sacrifice.

What role did Zeus play in greek mythology?

Zeus was the god of all gods and goddesses

What role did the oracles play in greek society?

oracles told the will of the gods and foresaw the future.

In what ways did Greek gods and goddesess play an important part in the lives of the athenians?

Greek gods played an important role in the lives of Athenians by giving the people advice when they went to their temples.

Do Greek gods play musical instruments?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, one of the Greek deities, Apollo, was considered the god of music, and was frequently depicted playing a musical instrument called a "lyre." The Greek mythological hero Orpheus was taught to play the lyre by Apollo, and was said to even be able to charm wild animals with his music.

What were the original Olympics like?

They had to play one sport called a running race. it was made in Greek times.

What does Seve mean?

acording to the great greek gods seve means athlete and is destine to play sports

What do the Greek gods play in human life?

None today. They were just imaginary figures without followers.

What sport do the Indian's play in Olympics?

They don't play in the Olympics.

What games did ancient greek kids play?

ancient Greek children used to play many games like= knuckle bones, day and night, delta and olympics. they used to play board games too especially dice games

What will you need to start a Greek Gods Play?

Well, to start a play in the first place, you'll need a director, actors, props, costumes, a stage, people who can work with technical stuff, makeup artists, hair stylists, ect... But... it depends on what type of Greek Gods play you're thinking of. It will be pretty hard to make a PLAY on Greek Gods. You usually need special effects and such. But you can start of with a fake trident, helm, lightning bolt, you know, the weapons of the Gods. Special clothing would be needed, too. Honestly, I suggest a film.... maybe on movie maker or something.

What kind of sport did greek people play in Greece?

The ancient Greeks invented the Olympics. The early olympics included boxing, chariot racing, discuss, javelin, running, and wrestling.

Is Hermes Similar to other Greek gods?

In a way kinda but no not really. All gods had significant roles to play but Hermes certaintly was an important one. Not only the messenger of the gods but also god of thiefs,writing ... etc

All the womens who play for the Olympics?

=1800000 Women play at the Olympics990000 Men play at the Olympics=

How important were Greek gods to Greek theater?

I would say they were very important because i believe that Greek's would often have plays about there well loved gods. Like Native Americans they could have had plays for whenever the sun would pour onto the Greek's plants and they might have a special play about the sun god, Apollo, to thank him for the great fortune.

Where in the Olympics do you play table tennis?

in the Olympics place

What are some of the main differences between the modern and ancient Olympics?

Well, for one Women are allowed to play and win. There are a lot more events that before, And the Olympics is no longer played to honor the Gods, but only to unify the nations.

Where did the Greek Olympics originate from?

The Greeks offered a series of games as sort of a sacrifice of entertainment to the gods. they would play these games to sort of show their thanks for their given abilities and the favor the gods had given the winners. Over time it originated to having more than just the Greeks compete and as it is today it is a competition now to basically seee which country is the best. ~DCHSGURL2012