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Wellbutrin is helpful for feelings of sadness and/or hopelessness that keep an individual from functioning as well as they believe is normal for them. It also helps to diminish cravings for nicotine. It has less of a negative effect on libido (sex drive) than other medications of this kind. Basically, this type of mood stabilizer will make a depressed person better able to accomplish daily tasks. They may feel more energetic, less withdrawn and less obsessed with negative thoughts. That said, specific medications don't work for everyone and some people will react differently than others. In finding the right mood-stabilizer it is important to start at the lowest possible dose. Starting what might be too high a dose for you can make you feel anxious and restless. It is always good to take Wellbutrin in the morning because it might interfere with falling asleep. Build up slowly to a dosage that makes you feel like you did before depression hit. If the initial dose is too high you may think it is the wrong medication for you when actually, it could have worked very well if you built up slowly. A lot of doctors are not fully aware of this.

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Q: What signs and symptoms of depression will Wellbutrin XL attack or work on?
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