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What signs can you give a guy to show him that you like him the way he likes you?

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insert your vagina onto his penis (sex) they like mee....

2009-12-15 22:53:51
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What signs show that the guy you like wants you to know he likes you back?

He tells you.

How To Tell if your ex still likes you?

they will show signs of jealousy if they still like u.

What signs show that the guy you like doesn't want you to know he likes you back?

nervousness, shyness

How should you act to a boy if you like him?

=Don't show it, let the boy find it themselves. But you could act a bit wierd and give him signs. Boy's know when someone likes them.=

How do you ask if someone likes you without showing you like them?

Show some signs that's really romantic

How do you know if your boyfriends best friend likes you?

They show signs like eye contact, smiling, flirting etc.

What are signs to show that a girl likes you?

The signs are the nodding, the body language, how she talks to you, and how she messes with hair.

I don't know if this girl likes me - She is in a band and invited me to a concert but she invited 5 other people - What are some signs I might get that says she likes me?

If she really likes you she will always look at you and give you secret smiles. But you have to show her that you like her back other wise she will feel stupid.

What should you do when you have a big crush on a guy but he is like a brother and you're not sure if he's interested?

You should show signs that you like him (flirt), and then if he shows you signs that he likes you back, then that means he must be interested.

Is acting unsure and forgetful around you signs that a shy girl likes you?

i am a female and i always act like that around the guy i like so here is your answer... Yes and no.. Yes because she is unsure and forgetful which means that she really likes you and no because they are not signs they are actions that show a shy girl likes you ~smart...sometimes~

How do you tell if a guy likes you but is too shy to make a move?

i hate guys like that but they might show subtle signs like stare or something

You really like your best guy friend and people say he likes you how do you really know that he likes you?

to tell if he really likes you is one way to simply ask him or look for signs like always talking or staring at you touching you talking about you or finding ways to show you that he likes you

How do you find out if a funny boy likes you?

Talk to them and get to know them better... in the process, they will show signs if they like you, or they might just come right out and tell you.

What are the Signs of a boy trying to ask you out?

What boys always do.... Try to take you to a private spot or hide out or show signs that he likes you:)

How do you get a guy to show that he likes you?

You have to show him you like him.

What does Oprah like to do?

likes to read and give stuff away for charity, or do the oprah winfrey show (OWN)

Would a guy show it when he likes a girl?

maybe he might show signs like helping you alot or acting wierd around you but he probably won't come right out and say it. Would a guy show it when he likes a girl A guy would show that he likes a girl by using different signs. 1: They will repeatedly talk to the one he likes. 2: Get as near as possible to the girl. 3: Rapidly take glances at her. 4: Might defend her in arguments or fights. 5: Ask if she has a boyfriend or not, see what she likes and gives it to her, and/or be mysterious near or to her.

Do he really likes you?

You are Not going to find an answer to a question like that here. I am sorry, but, you have to look elsewhere. Also, the question: Do he really likes you, needs to be phrased much better. Are you asking; what if he really likes you? Or, are you asking; does a specific person really like you? Are you asking what are the signs (body language) that show whether or not a person likes you?

If you like a girl do you ask her if she likes you?

well if thers signs she might like you you shode ask her but she can also be playing hard to get so she might not show it but i think you should ask her

What will you do when you like a boy?

Well i think you should show signs that you like him and then go up to him and ask do you like me or you can ask your friend to ask him if he would go out with you or if he likes\ loves you i hope you liked this advice!!

What are some signs that show that the guy friend you like likes you back?

well you can mostly tell by what he does around you and what he wants to do with you like hang out after school it just all depends on the guy mostly

How do you tell a person you like him?

Have a common friend tell him. ...or try to show him in someway that you do like him give him signs. OR just confront him IN PERSON and tell him how you feel about him

What show does Willow Smith likes?

she like nasty show

How can you get a girl to like you and how do you ask her out?

show her that you like her but don't get all over her give her space and the time to realise that maybe she likes you be nice to her friends and family

How to know if a guy likes u my crush shows signs he does like me but I have asked him out and he still hasn't asked what's the deal?

Reading into if a guy likes you can be tough. However, some of the top signs that a guy likes you are: he reaches out to you, he makes an effort to spend a lot of time with you, and he is taking an interest in your likes. If you've asked him out and he has not responded to your request to go out, it could be that he is not interested in you, or maybe you're just too aggressive. Allow him to show you more signs before jumping out there.